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  1. Starving Writer

    I take it you’re a Braves fan as well, talking about the scars from 1991.  I, too, have those scars (as well as scars from 1992, 1993, 1996, and 1999).  But at least they did win the World Series in 1995 so that lessen the pain somewhat.

    Up to now, I’ve always pointed to the 1991 Game 7 as the hallmark “Best Game EVER!” (even though the wrong team won).  2001 Game 7 and 2011 Game 6 both came pretty close, though.   But this year’s Game 7 blows them  all out of the water.  Best World Series game I’ve ever seen.

    I feel for the Indians fans. I hope their turn comes some day soon.  One good thing about this millennium is that many decades-plus droughts have ended.  The Red Sox’s 86-years drought in 2004, the White Sox’s 88-years drought in 2005, the Giants’ 56-years drought in 2010, the Royals’ 30-years drought in 2015, and of course the Cubs’ 108-years drought that just ended.  So there’s hope, Indians!

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    Well said, Starving Writer. My brother and I were texting each other all game and the number of “Oh my God!” and other expletives was pretty high.

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  3. Santino

    And I still have scars from ’91.

    Can you imagine a starting pitcher going 10 innings in today’s game!  I’m not sure that will ever be repeated.  I accept the evolution of advanced stats, but man sometimes it’s nice to see some horses go the distance on the mound (if I recall correctly, Pedro Martinez had a perfect game through 9 and lost it in the 10th).

    2001 Game 7 and 2011 Game 6 both came pretty close, though

    I’d also throw in Game 6 1993.

    I remember when the Padres lost in 1984

    But that was to a juggernaut Tigers team (to continue the Jack Morris theme), they had no chance.

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  4. louctiel

    The worst part of the series was the commentary.   It almost became laughable to listen to John Smoltz say what he would do and if the teams did just that, it ended in a disaster.  If they went against his opinion, they succeeded.

    There was also the walk to Bryant in the 5th where Buck and Smoltz rattled on about how the slider was a strike.  The pitching track showed it was barely a strike, but that thing isn’t official or accurate.   There were three people who thought the pitch wasn’t a strike:  Bryant,  HP Umpire Holland, and the Indians catcher Perez.

    When you watch the tape, watch how Perez pulls the pitch back into the strike zone by moving his glove 8 inches or so.  He doesn’t frame the pitch, he pulls it.  If a pitch is close and the catcher pulls the pitch, it usually is a ball.

    Umpires like catchers who frame pitches and return the ball to the pitcher.  Umpires hate catchers who pull pitches and holds them.

    Good series.  Congrats to the Cubs and the Indians.

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