The Anti-Election

I’m a fairly rabid baseball fan and this year is giving us a World Series out of our dreams. In the National League corner, we have the Chicago Cubs, in their first World Series since before the game was integrated, vying for their first title in 108 years. A young, great team lead by a great manager that plowed through two very good teams to get to the final.

And in the American League corner, we have the Cleveland Indians, who have not won a title since 1948. It’s another young, great team lead by a great manager that plowed through two very good teams to get here.

I wish there were a way that both teams could win. One great American city will soon see its long heartache ended. But one will see another chapter in their written. My heart is with Chicago — I was born there and used to watch them on cable. But Cleveland is a very good team and tonight’s opener went about as well as it could possibly have gone for them. Kluber pitched well and the offense was good enough that he could be pulled early for a possible Game Four start. As a Braves fan, I’ve sat next to fans of both teams in the post-season and both teams have great generous midwestern fanbases (Braves fans who went to the ’95 series in Cleveland told me Tribe fans bought them beers). No matter who wins, it will be good for baseball.

This is anti-matter to the election, which features two old corrupt liars who I wish could both lose.

It took almost ten months, but 2016 has finally given us something to be positive about. Go Cubs! Go Tribe! Go baseball!

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  1. Santino

    I’m torn on this one.  On the one hand I like the mystique of the Cubs ineptitude, so in some perverse way I’d like to see the misery continue.  On the other hand I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the ALCS.  Cleveland reminds me of the Royals of last year and their death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts way of winning.  For once, I’d like to see them clobbered along the lines of a 10-1 score.

    I must say, now that my team is out of it, it’s easier to enjoy the sheer brilliance of Miller and his slider of death.  After seeing what the Indians pitching has done to the powerful lineups of both the Red Sox and Jays, I can’t see how they lose 4 games.  It’s easy to look like a brilliant manager when your pitching staff is on an unbelievable tear.

    I really like the Baez kid, reminds me a little bit of Roberto Alomar.  Lindor is pretty fun to watch as well.  MLB is in good hands with the next generation.


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  2. Santino

    Rich, any predictions on the Warriors?  I’m guessing it takes them a few games to hit their stride before they figure out how to play with all those superstars.  If I recall correctly, it took the Celtics a few games when they signed their big three.

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  3. richtaylor365

    As Aaron Rodgers famously said last year ,”Relax!!!!!”. I am reminded of the Heat’s first game with Lebron, Wade, and Bosch, Boston crushed them, yet, the Heat managed to make the finals. Steve Kerr has his work cut out for him. Both Bogut and Barnes were not only good defensive players, they rebounded, 2 things the Warriors lack now since both are gone. The Warriors are still the hottest ticket in the NBA, and every loss will be mercilessly scrutinized, that is the way it works.

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    I’m not a big NBA fan and I was pulling for Cleveland last year because, you know, Cleveland. But the Warriors are a LOT of fun to watch. Steph Curry is unbelievable.

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