Meanwhile, Back in Reality

With the Trump campaign in full meltdown, it’s easy to miss some of the other big news going around. At any other time, these would be our headlines.

  • We are practically in a shooting war with Yemen.
  • Obama is claiming he fired a bunch of people over the VA scandal. This is a lie. Only three were actually fired. One was suspended, one firing was reversed, three retired, five resigned and two were demoted. If a political campaign fired that many people, it wouldn’t even make the news.
  • And in probably the scariest news, tensions are escalating with Russia, with the Russians moving nuclear missile submarines and recalling overseas personnel. Just as a reminder: one of our major Presidential candidates has proposed getting into a shooting war with the Russians over Syria. Over Syria. And it was not Donald Trump who said that.

This is yet another reason why I was opposed to the radioactive hamster. If the GOP had nominated Rubio, the October Surprise would be his overdue water bill and he’d be hitting Clinton hard on Russia. If the GOP had even nominated Bush, we’d be talking about some minor dumb thing he did as governor and he’d be hitting Clinton hard on the VA. Instead, we’re talking about Trump’s serial groping and total ignorance of policy. Look at all three of those stories — major challenges that will face the next President — and tell me that you trust either of these two jackanapes to handle them.

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  1. RonK

    think I mentioned this before, one of the reasons I will vote for Trump, is the fact Congress will not hesitate to impeach his arse if he were do anything like Obama has done.

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  2. CM

    I would hope that Trump would defer to Pence’s judgment on such issues as these. 

    Is he a delegator? I don’t have that impression at all.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump is demanding that the Times retract its story.

    The Times’ response is great. Essentially: “You have no reputation to defend”


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  3. Hal_10000 *

    The demand on the times is typical legal thuggery. They don’t specify anything in the story that’s false. It’s basically, “my hurty feelings”.

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  4. AlexInCT

    It’s not just a war with Yemen, either, if this heats up.

    Yemen has no real military to speak off after that civil strife they have been going through. It’s either a bunch of madmen in the Sunni camp backed and equipped by the Saudis, or a bunch of Shias backed and equipped by Iran.

    The ones that shot at the US ship are the ones in the bag for Iran. You know Iran right? The one that Black Jesus’ administration made a deal with, paid hundreds of billions to, and has given a clear path to not only build nukes and missiles to carry them, but has undermined the one ally in that region that didn’t want to murder infidels in favor off.

    If you thought Carter left his successor a world on the brink because of his idiotic foreign policies, then look at what Obama has left us. I predicted before a democrat won the 2008 election due to an orchestrated campaign of lies and acts to undermine this country by democrats and their operatives with bylines that claim to be the media (does this sound familiar, it has been happening every election cycle since the Clintons finally left the WH after plundering and vandalizing it), that while the left falsely claimed Boosh destabilized the world with his cowboy ways, whatever democrat followed him would do so. I was wrong. Obama did far, far worse than anything I could have imagined. And if we get Clinton, it will get even worse than it is today.

    The fucking marxists in sheep’s clothing have been trying real hard to convince people that Trump is a wild card that will start a nuclear war, but I would like to remind them that Hillary is part of the administration that has already brought the world to the brink of that and made things far more dangerous than they were even during the Cold War days.

    The left projects their own faults and crimes on the opposition. If they accuse someone of “saying or doing something bad” you can bet your ass that is something that leftists routinely do.

    Note: Boosh was a piss-poor president. I hate having to bring him up, but it pisses of the leftists that he didn’t let Gore steal the 2000 election and drives them nuts that his natural reaction was not to roll over and bear his throat to those that hate us (like the left does), so I do so every time I can. Obama has managed to make Boosh look like a fucking genius, and his administration has committed every one of the crimes the left tried to pretend the Boosh admin did, and more, yet none of the cunts that ripped their shirts off and flogged themselves over Boosh could be bothered to even show concern these days.

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