Debate Two

Good God, is this what our Republic has come to? Watching these two jackasses bray was an awful 90 minutes. The first 20 were especially awful as we got into Trump’s tape and Clinton’s past behavior. But it’s not like it got better past that as Trump gave off incoherent word salads and Clinton recited coached, coherent, focused answers that advocated terrible terrible policies. For me, it was alternating, “What the fuck did he just say?” and “OMG, she’s advocating to make things even worse!”

I would say that Trump probably won mostly on style. His actual answers were all over the place but he did hit Clinton on a few points and made one or two good points of his own. Clinton mostly held serve but her answers on her e-mail server and her leaked speeches were just awful (mainly because there is no non-awful answer).

The main impact this will have on the race? Trump stays in. The flood of GOP rats fleeing the ship will stop. He will probably stabilize in the polls. So, yeah, we’ve got another month of this crap.

Good God. I’ve said this before. And maybe it’s the Vodka talking. But this is another of those times I really really wish Lee were still with us. He could at least find the humor in this. Right now … I really can’t.

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  1. Fangbeer

    It definitely my vodka talking and I’m sure Lee is in a much better place now than this shit sandwich. Here’s to Lee and the consolation that he doesn’t have to deal with this bullshit.

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  2. Starving Writer

    It’s fairly obvious that Gary Johnson won this debate simply by the virtue of not being anywhere close to this debacle.

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  3. Iconoclast

    He could at least find the humor in this.

    No, there is no humor to find.  America’s hostile occupation will continue once H is coronated.   Dissent will no longer be “the highest form of patriotism” as she once crowed when a Republican was POTUS.  No. it will become akin to treason.  We will continue to be her “enemy”.  We will continue to be “deplorable”.  And she will rule accordingly.

    Dark times ahead.

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    It could be ever worse. Trump is promising war against Republicans who are abandoning him.  This could end with the Democrats holding a 50-seat majority in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

    It’s almost as if nominating a raging narcissist who doesn’t care about the party was a bad idea.

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  5. ilovecress

    Kellyanne Conway basically threatened Republicans on air that if they showed a lack of support she’d expose some of them that had assaulted her…

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  6. AlexInCT

    It’s almost as if nominating a raging narcissist who doesn’t care about the party was a bad idea.

    What party? The democrats-light?

    No, the reason this is happening is because the establishment has decided to make sure they are never challenged again. America has fundamentally been changed all right. The oligarchs realized the dumbed down people can easily be manipulated into believing anything, and that is to their advantage.

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