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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    I always appreciate a period show done well. You really get the feeling that the creators knew the decade well. At times it feels like we’re in another Golden Age of TV at least as far as cable and the “alternative” networks are concerned (the less said about some recent “reboots” like MacGyver the better.) The new Westworld series seems interesting, too. At least it’s got Anthony Hopkins in it.

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  2. JimK

    I really liked it as a whole piece, but I was completely put off by Winona Ryder’s acting. I absolutely get that it was a deliberate character choice, and she was 100% consistent from beginning to end. As an actress, she definitely pulled off exactly what she was asked to do. I just don’t like what she was asked to do.

    Other than that, the show is outstanding.

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  3. ilovecress

    Agree 100% – I heard the creators say that the kids bits were a Steven Spielberg movie, the teenagers bit was a John Carpenter movie and the Adults bit was a Stephen King movie – which totally makes sense!

    Thought it was great, but I’ll admit i was a little disappointed by the ending.

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