Tight As A Drum

In 2016, Hillary Clinton has:

  • An arguable structural advantage in the electoral college.
  • An incumbent President with an approval rating in the high 50’s.
  • A media almost united behind her.
  • An historically awful Republican candidate: a deeply disliked two-bit conman who knows nothing about policy and has a poor ground game in battleground states.
  • A big funding advantage.

And, as of this morning, the campaign is basically a toss-up, according to 538’s analysis. There was a reason the Democrats rejected her in 2008 in favor of a freshman Senator. There was as reason the Democrats almost rejected her this year in favor of a 74-year-old crackpot Senator from Vermont. And that reason is not her extra X-chromosome. It’s because she’s a poor politician.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Wait until they see the left (DNC & Media, but I repeat myself) tomorrow trying to tell us that Shilarry was both a bad ass though woman and a victim of misogyny from a reprobate, then declare her the victor even after she had a fainting fit an got caught telling more lies…

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    Plain and simple, she sucks as a candidate and as a person. Nobody likes her, but they go with the devil they know.

    By all rights, Trump should be on defense, instead he’s taken full advantage of her own weaknesses to deflect away from his own. He may be one of the worst Republican nominees ever, but hey, at least he’s not Crooked Hillary and his presidency will be yuge, even if he doesn’t know what, exactly, he’ll do. But we’ll be winning!

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  3. Santino

    I can’t believe it’s September and we’re still contemplating what a President Trump administration will look like.  A cardboard cut-out should have been able to beat him.  I’m no fan of Trump, and I have faith that the US will survive either candidate, but I’m oddly drawn to a Trump victory if only to see the heads of so many leftist elites EXPLODE!

    There’s always room to come on up to Canada and drink your “double-double” Tim Horton’s coffee and worship Saint Trudeau.

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