What is Aleppo?

I saw it live, astounding.

Very rarely do I get to see horrific foot in mouth feats like this live, especially on MSNBC. A particularly hot night got me up early this morning. Flipped on Morning Joe since I am rarely up when he is on. This is what I saw;

I wish I could find the whole thing, including the aftermath, the slackjawed commentators in the room that were all stunned. What was missing from this little clip was the follow up question about him cutting military spending, he said he would start at 20% and work higher from there, is this guy real?

The usual wrap on Libertarians is thus, just let me smoke my weed in peace and whatever problems are out there they can all be handled by just sharing your bong. Johnson just propagated that theory in spades.

I know some here are enamored with Johnson, and I guess considering the low bar set by the other 2 clowns, anyone should be considered as an alternative, but come on. Johnson has compared his views to 85% of what Sanders believes, nobody in their right mind would want Sanders as president, so why 85% of Sanders?

But back to the room. The few Johnson supporters in the room had flat out disqualified him on the spot and a blanket of gloom and despair appeared, I know exactly how they feel, what is sane person to do?

Mika chimed in with ,”Well, it is clear, the only choice is Hillary”. Scarborough added that he knows several Republicans that will leave the top slot blank and vote Republican down the rest of the ticket. He did add that the election is not today but a few months from now, so resumes can be rehabilitated, but the stink in the room was palpable.

I have not made a decision one way of the other. Yeah, I’ve heard all the angles. One thing is clear, all republicans that vote FOR Hillary need a good beating. And for all you Trump supporters out there, quit ragging on me to support the party and start ragging on Trump to get more presidential and start engaging his brain before he opens his mouth.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Yeah, it was a gaffe. But Trump would have responded with ignorant bluster (“Yeah, we have big plans for Aleppo. I can’t tell you what they are.”) And Clinton would have said to bomb it.  Johnson put out a statement on FB about it which was much smarter than anything those two goons have done.  I still would take him over either in a heartbeat.

    And for the media to act all stunned when Trump has spent 15 months spewing all kinds of made-up bullshit and Clinton has spent 25 years lying her ass off is ridiculous.

    Johnson has compared his views to 85% of what Sanders believes, nobody in their right mind would want Sanders as president, so why 85% of Sanders?

    If you listen to what he said on that, you’ll realize what he meant: civil liberties, anti-crony capitalism, etc. He specifically opposes the minimum wage, radical climate activism, single payer, “free” college.

    “Now, that’s the side of Bernie that has to do with pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, let’s stop with the military interventions, that there is crony capitalism, that government really isn’t fair when it comes to this level playing field, legalize marijuana,” Johnson continued. 

    “Look, 73 percent of what Bernie says I agree with. We come to a T in the road when it comes to economics. I would really argue that if we absolutely had a fair system of economics, that free markets, that we would do a lot better than going down the path of socialism,” he added.

    One of the smart things Johnson is doing is trying to woo Democrats away from Clinton. If you look at the polling numbers, he’s actually hurting her as much or more than he’s hurting Trump.

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  2. Hal_10000

    The media response is hilarious. Half of them don’t know what Aleppo is (the NYT incorrectly called it ISIS’s capital this morning). And they’re spending hours on this while ignoring the reams of bullshit spewed by the major candidates in last night’s Commander in Chief thing.

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  3. Starving Writer

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    A candidate, when confronted with something he didn’t know, said honestly, “I don’t know.”  And let’s be honest, it’s not like Aleppo is a major city like London.  Up until this “gaffe” I had never heard of the city of Aleppo.  Now, granted, as a presidential candidate, Johnson should be held to a higher standard than some schlep on the intrawebs.


    But back to my point.   Johnson was honest, and he said “I don’t know” instead of immediately putting up a cloud of bullshit or covering up his lack of knowledge.  And for this he is roundly criticized and MSNBC spends 1000% more time covering this gaffe than they have his entire campaign so far.


    (Again, I will remind you, candidate Obama once said that the US had 57 states, so candidates making gaffes is nothing new.)


    Anyway, I am impressed by what he said after the interview.  “I’m incredibly frustrated with myself,” Johnson said in an interview off-set after the gaffe. He said he was “guilty” of not remembering Aleppo was a central city in the Syrian conflict.

    “Sure it should,” he said when asked if the incident should be treated as significant. “Believe me, no one is taking this more seriously than me. I feel horrible.”
    “I have to get smarter and that’s just part of the process,” he said.

    Far more honest than Clinton or Trump, IMO.  Can you imagine either one of them actually doing a mea culpa?  

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  4. Hal_10000

    Far more honest than Clinton or Trump, IMO.  Can you imagine either one of them actually doing a mea culpa?  


    I also it think it tells you how much support Johnson is drawing from Clinton that the MSM is going nuts like this.  They see that he could keep the queen from being crowned.

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  5. Starving Writer

    I just hope that all of this attention, even though it’s negative attention, brings additional eyeballs Johnson’s way.  At this point, what is severely hampering Johnson’s campaign is a lack of awareness on the voters’ part, and I honestly believe that as more and more people find out about him and compare him to the other two candidates, they’ll like what they see and switch over to him.

    So even though all of this attention is negative, it’s my hope that people will go “Wait, there’s somebody else running for president? Somebody not Trump or Clinton?  Let me look into this guy.”

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  6. InsipiD

    Oh, this was painful.  It’s like watching the Hindenburg’s slow crash.  I felt like he at least had credibility up to that point and might be a nice foil to the entire rest of the silly and regrettable 2016 presidential race.  We’ll see what it does in the long run, but I do wish he hadn’t been quite such a doofus at that moment.

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  7. Iconoclast

    Eh.   Y’all are making a mountain out of a molehill; nobody gives a crap what the Libertarian nominee knows or doesn’t know, except other Libertarians, obviously.  Normal people don’t even know what a Libertarian is.  From my perspective, a Libertarian is simply a limited-government conservative who absolutely despises religion and thinks religious people are science-denying morons.

    And I can pretty much guarantee that normal people have no clue what an Aleppo is, or even care what color they are or how much they weigh.

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  8. AlexInCT

    Normal people don’t even know what a Libertarian is. 

    Neither do most libertarians Iconoclast. They come in all flavors, but in my experience most of them are not anti-religion at all. In fact, most are potheads that want the stuff legalized. If I didn’t know that legalizing drugs would result in me paying for a whole new breed of vote for a living dependent buying favors from the left, I wouldn’t care if they got their way either.

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