Bye Bye Corey

Good riddance to bad rubbish:

Angela Corey, a state attorney in northeast Florida who investigated the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and prosecuted Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot during a domestic dispute, lost the Republican primary on Tuesday for 4th circuit judicial state attorney.

Melissa Nelson, a corporate lawyer and former prosecutor, claimed 64% of the vote over Corey’s 26% in the fourth circuit, which oversees Jacksonville, Fla. Nelson will face Kenny Leigh, a write-in candidate who runs a men’s only law firm, in the general election.

Corey, you may remember, initially did not prosecute George Zimmerman after he invoked Florida’s “stand your ground” law. She then changed her mind in the wake of political pressure but failed to get a conviction. She also came under fire for the Marissa Alexander case, where she refused to accept a “stand your ground” defense from a woman defending herself from an abusive boyfriend and got a judge to hand down a 20-year prison sentence (it was later reduced to three years).

That’s just the beginning. Corey has been one of the most aggressive prosecutors in the nation when it comes to charging juveniles as adults and seeking the death penalty in questionable cases. When criticized for her handling of cases, she’s had a tendency to lash out, famously threatening Alan Dershowitz when he criticized her charging of George Zimmerman.

Corey is just the latest prosecutor to go down in flames. Earlier this year, Chicago voters ousted Anita Alvarez for sitting on the Laquan McDonald case and Cleveland voters ditched Tim McGinity for his handling of the Tamir Rice case. This is unusual to say the least. Prosecutors rarely get unelected. But they’re now becoming the targets of unelection campaigns. Whatever one may think of these three prosecutors, I’m glad to see people paying more attention. It’s about time that “lock ‘em up, let God sort em out” stopped being an automatic ticket to power.

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  1. louctiel

    Zimmerman never invoked a “stand your ground” (SYG) defense.  Not once.  Not ever.

    SYG in Florida is an affirmative defense that requires a separate pre-trial hearing.  The media wrongfully portrayed Zimmerman’s claim of self defense as part of the SYG law.

    It is not.

    Marissa Alexander was ruled by a judge not to be able to invoke a SYG defense or even self defense after she left the premises, went to her car and came back to fire at her boyfriend.   You cannot claim SYG or self-defense after you leave the area and have disengaged from the threat.  You cannot return and become the aggressor and then claim “self defense” which is what Alexander did.

    The media ran with that story as being something other than it was because it allegedly showed the disparity in how minorities were treated under the law, especially when it was claimed that Zimmerman was a white male while Alexander is a black female.

    Corey is a horrible prosecutor because of her zealousness to get convictions instead of seeking justice.  Her actions in hiding evidence in the Zimmerman case and demanding investigators sign false affidavits should have gotten her disbarred.

    It is those actions and not the media’s perception of the SYG and self defense laws as used in the Zimmerman and Alexander cases that should have  driven her out of office.

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    Elsewhere it looks like the establishment is holding its own-Rubio and in Florida and old man McCain in Arizona. An anti-Trump effect? At any rate, Rubio looks to be laying the groundwork for a possible comeback in 2020.

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  3. RonK

    did they get rid of prosecutors around Austin TX?  they exhibit the same qualities as Corey.  they use the prosecutors office  to persecute instead of prosecute.

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  4. richtaylor365

    OT, I see a 7.1 earthquake hit off New Zealand. Hopefully our 2 resident leftists and their families are unscathed. A quick word affirming such would be appreciated.

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  5. ilovecress

    My clan’s all good – a bit of a shake but that’s it. Tsunami warning has been lifted now, so hopefully things will settle down today.

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