And Now Gene Wilder

Oh, come on, 2016. Gene Wilder too?

I couldn’t find any great clips from the 1968 version of The Producers, which is one of the most brilliant comedies ever made. But here’s a great clip from Blazing Saddles

The thing I loved about Wilder was how well he played off of other actors. Great comedies are collaborative and Wilder was one of the best comedy collaborators ever, working with geniuses like Zero Mostel, Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor to create truly great comedy. His work with Mostel is what makes the first Producers so brilliant. The way he played off Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles or Mary Feldman in Young Frankenstein or Richard Pryor was dazzling to behold.

Wilder mostly retired after Gilda Radner died but did occasionally pop up in such things as guest spots in Will and Grace. He will be missed.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    “These are simple people…you know, morons.”

    Richard Pryor was supposed to be in Blazing Saddles but the studio thought he was too unpredictable. What could have been…

    Silver Streak remains one of my favorite movies from a simpler time.

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  2. Hal_10000 *


    Best line in a movie ever…

    When I was in college, they showed that movie at the student theater. The entire movie got laughs but that line was the most hilarious. The theater exploded in laughter.  True genius.

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