The Lost Opportunity

I was asked the other day what the worst aspect of the Trump candidacy is. And after thinking about it, I decided that the worst part may be the lost opportunity.

Republicans went into 2016 with a majority in both houses, a majority of state houses, a majority of governorships and a golden opportunity to defeat a weak, compromised Democratic presidential candidate. Had they nominated someone like Rubio (maybe not him specifically, but someone of that ilk), they wouldn’t be fearing an electoral disaster but wondering just how big his landslide would be.

But its worse than that.

Over the last few months, Speaker Ryan has been rolling out his agenda called “A Better Way”. It has detailed Republican plans for addressing national security, poverty, the economy, Constitutional law, health care and taxes. While I disagree with some of its points, it’s a massively superior agenda to the Far Left nonsense that Clinton has been rolling out.

This is precisely what I’ve wanted the GOP to do for years: not to just oppose Democrats, but to propose a positive alternative agenda; to give people something to vote for. A decent candidate using this agenda would be absolutely crushing Clinton and building toward a 1994 style revolution. And let’s remember, that revolution resulted in a balanced budget, a booming economy and a huge decline in poverty.

This is the worst part of Trump. Trump himself has no policies. He seems to just parrot whatever has been whispered in his ear most recently. Maybe if he were elected, he’d enact parts of the Better Way, but I doubt it. As it is, however, his personality and lack of managerial skill is dooming the GOP, possibly to minority status.

I really hope the GOP can regroup in 2020. Because if it’s a choice between the GOP’s “Better Way” and the Democrats Marxism Light, I know which bodes for a better future.

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  1. JimK

    Yeah, this is right up there with the worst parts of him running. Look at the facts: outside of a solid core of fanatics who would ignore Hillary eating a baby on live television, she has VERY begrudging support among the general population. I would argue that a not-insignificant portion of her “base” is only voting against Trump.

    She’s so beatable. By anyone else, even failed candidates from the past. Mitt should have stepped up. He would have been elected, and by quite a healthy margin. Honestly, I would have accepted any manner of legal fuckery at the convention to wrest the nomination away from Trump. Everyone on the right would be over it by now, and the news would be DOMINATED by Hillary’s never-ending stream of crimes, gaffes and sense of entitlement.

    Instead we have a fucking clown who is playing some kind of end-game that doesn’t involve winning, but more likely starting some sort of media empire. And the Supreme Court will be lost for decades because of it. We missed the opportunity to fill the court with people who would at least consider the concepts of freedom and liberty.

    Buckle up, kids. Shit is about to get a lot worse.

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  2. RonK

    Trump was never meant to win the presidency, he is there to get Hilary elected,  any republican elected official that says they will vote for Hilary instead of Trump of vote off deserves to loose their election.

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  3. InsipiD

    I expected Trump’s campaign to be an ego trip that he would tire of and call off once the lineup of heads had exploded at what he was doing.  I thought he would leave long about February and let the grown-ups take over.  Whether he started to buy into his own impact or what, but he forgot to leave and now he’s stuck at least finishing the campaign.  I’d prefer him over Hillary, but that’s weak endorsement.  It’s not so much that he was a lost opportunity as a foil for someone much better and more serious, but his prior link to Hillary Clinton itself makes you wonder what he was really up to anyway.

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  4. Starving Writer

    I keep on telling people … a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.

    If people are anywhere near serious about having a true opponent for Hillary, they need to take a long and hard look at the Libertarian candidate — Gary Johnson.  No, you might not agree with him on 100% of things, but he’s so much, much better than any of the alternatives.

    Who do you want to be the next president of the US?

    A corrupt politician deep in the pockets of Wall Street who will cheerfully sell out your future to hostile foreign interests?
    A huckster who blurts out whatever stray thought happens to pop up in his head and who gleefully promotes ugly bigotry?
    An anti-science “doctor” who wants to jack up the tax rate in order to mollify a bunch of capitalist-hating wackos?
    Or a successful two-term governor who was capable of turning a state’s budget from a deficit into a surplus, and who is on the right side of social progress?

    The choice is clear.  It’s a shame that so many people are so locked into the “two-party” mentality, and that the current duopoly (along with the mainstream media who is deep into the Democrats’ pockets) is working so hard to prevent this from happening, and ensuring that no matter what happens America is deeply and utterly screwed.

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  5. Frankie

    Gary Johnson wants completely open borders and has no coherent plan to deal with ISIS. And his Tax plans are gibberish.

    It’s a crappy choice and an easy decision.

    If you want a slick talking politician who will tell you what you want to hear in a PC way, knowing that she is lying to you the entire time, vote for Hillary.

    If you want a ham fisted, inarticulate but very successful real estate guy vote trump

    Or you can throw your vote away/help Hillary win.

    We can all wish the GOP had a deeper bench, but they apparently don’t.

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  6. Starving Writer

    Saying Gary Johnson wants a completely open border is a misrepresentation of his border policy.  He believes in streamlining the immigration process and making it easier for people to get visas (and thus be taxed) .  He also believes in a “one-strike” policy where if an immigrant breaks the law, they are immediately deported.


    Gary also believes in abolishing the income and corporate tax, which would immediately give full control of our money and how we want to spend it.  Eliminating corporate taxes also eliminates tax loopholes and corporate welfare.  In its place, there would be a consumption tax, so that everybody is taxed at the same rate, and there are no offshore shelters to hide tax money.  This would also have the bonus of eliminating IRS (and their intimation tactics).


    And you want to talk about successful businessmen?  Gary Johnson built a multi-millions business from scratch, starting out as a handyman and working his way up.  Trump, on the other hand, was handed a massive seven-figures nest egg by his father and entered the business world with a massive advantage.  Trump cares only about his ego and his brand name, and will say whatever stray thought happens to flutter through his mind at any given minute.


    Gary Johnson is the only sane choice  in this election.

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  7. Hal_10000 *

    What’s interesting is that Johnson appears to be drawing as much support away from Clinton as he is from Trump.  If you compare 2-way to 4-way polls or look at the makeup of Johnson supporters, a lot of Democrats are supporting him. Funny how nominating a corrupt left wing vindictive twonk will do that.

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