The Latest Trump Flop

I can’t say I’m surprised that Trump has now flipped his opinion on immigration, now supporting a plan that is not a mile distant from the plans promoted by Rubio and Bush, which he previously denounced as amnesty. In fact, his speech on this change used many of the exact same words Bush used (this isn’t amnesty, they will pay back taxes, etc.). Trump has no deeply held positions; he has a series of publicity stunts. And now that he’s down in the polls, he’s trying to tack left to pick up votes from moderates. Or, equally likely, pick up wavering conservatives who were bothered by his rhetoric on immigration.

What makes this really delightful, however, is that he did this on the same day that Ann Coulter released her latest book “In Trump We Trust”. Coulter has been having a fit over on Twitter. Viz:

If Trump did this just to fuck with Coulter, I may have to reassess my opinion of the man. That would be Olympic caliber trolling.

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  1. ilovecress

    I’m sure you guys didn’t see the interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC with Kellyanne Conway – but it was pretty fascinating.

    First off, she was awesome. She knows how to win an election. Big future I think.

    But overall, there was a sense that she was trying to wrestle Trump into executing a winning strategy, but it wasn’t really sticking. When asked why on earth he’s campaigning in Mississippi, she basically concedes that the scheduling was nuts, and she’s trying to turn it into something that might actually help him win an election – but that they’ve only really let her take charge of stuff after labour day.

    She talked a lot about pivoting to policy (which it looks like Trump is doing) but was unable to answer questions as to how this isn’t a flip flop.

    Maddow also asked him about his health letter (hilarious) which Conway did a great job of deflecting – even seeming a little dismayed that his campaign has made it an issue when the Trump side of it is so ridiculous.

    Overall I got the impression of a seasoned, estabishment political expert trying to wrestle Trump into a strategy that might see him compete. She played down expectations massively – not talking about winning, but talking about competing. Couldn’t be further away from Trump bringing Farage on stage…

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