How much you wanna bet that the decision here will be to bend reality?

So the SJW types have been on the warpath for decades to socialize the military – an organization which has as its primary (and some would say its sole) purpose the job of breaking shit and killing people – and to prove that biology is no match for the imagination of the social justice warrior’s quest. Only problem is that reality keeps getting in the way. My bet is that reality is about to be shown who is boss, and that despite all the claims to the contrary, the military will be forced to lower standards for female to allow them to pass, so the SJW can claim victory. That this weakens the military and creates dangerous situations won’t matter until coffins come home, and I am sure the SJW will then blame it on any non democrat president that dared to use the military for anything other than peace core duties.

There is plenty of stuff in the military that women can do where the lowered physical standards don’t matter too much, but combat is rarely one of those, and special warfare units are definitely not the case. You can ignore biology, but reality has a horrible way of fucking up the SJW’s fantasies and stupidity.

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  1. RonK

    kinda like when Bill Clinton change a humanitarian mission to an offensive one in Somalia and never upgraded the equipment for the mission.

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