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Having watched the Olympics since 1968 (probably the only one here that watched live the Tommy Smith/John Carlos black power salute during their medal ceremony),and attending several events live during the 1984 LA games, I was pretty apathetic about the Rio games. The blatant cheating by the Russian team (and those pussies at the IOC that did not ban the whole lot of them), the deplorable venue (what, Beirut or Aleppo was booked?) the out of control crime, the pollution, nonfunctional mass transit, housing not finished, I could smell a disaster in the making. I didn’t even watch the opening ceremonies. But it did not take long to get back into it.

Some things I wanted before the games started;

The Williams sisters to win big in tennis
The men’s and women’s basketball team to sweep, again
The women’s soccer team to repeat (is it pervy to fantacise about half the team in a shared hot tub?)
Michael Phelps to win one more gold
The USA swimming team clobbering the Aussies (their biggest rivals) just like London
Katie Lydecky breaking world records like they were nothing
Kerry Walsh winning another gold in beach volleyball
The Russians to fall flat on their face, in everything
The USA gymnastics team to not embarrass themselves
And for the USA to be the medal leader (what can I say, I’m a homer)

The security is massive, so hopefully (from my keyboard to God’s ears) no terrorists shenanigans.

Except for the men’s Brazilian soccer team getting shut out,twice, no big surprises so far. I always like the host nation to win some in the Olympics so anytime a Brazilian is competing against a non American, I will root for him.

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  1. Hal_10000

    I hate the IOC and all the corruption but I do love the games. Ledecky was fricking amazing last night.  And Phelps basically won the relay for the US.

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  2. Santino

    I had the exact same reaction as you Rich.  But in the end it’s sports, so my interest didn’t wane for long (although the heat of a pennant race is getting in the way).  Our girls are standing up right now, and like NZ we’re looking for one of our best finishes.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well our women’s basketball team fares against the US and expect them to at least play for a bronze medal.  I’m excited to see Lowry and DeRozan suit up for basketball.  I’m expecting our women’s soccer team to medal again.  And I’m looking forward to Usain dominating in track.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    Both Hope Solo and Yulia Efimova need a smack upside the head.

    Nice job Fiji rugby team, first Olympic medal ………..ever.

    OK, who’s ready for some track and field?

    Finally, coach K is going to have to actually do some coaching.

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  4. CM

    Please ignore my comment about NZ doing well. We suck. All our supposed golds are either silvers or nothing. You Americans even had to steal our women’s shot put gold with a stunning last throw. Poos.

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  5. repmom

    Loving the Olympics. Glued to the TV every evening. Especially enjoy the swimming — Michael Phelps is my hero — and the gymnastics. But it’s all fun. I laughed a couple of night’s ago, so enjoying the overwhelming emotion of the two Brazilians winning silver and bronze in the Men’s gymnastics floor exercise.

    And Usain Bolt — what a class act he is.

    Great stuff. Amazing athletes. What’s not to enjoy and cheer on?

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    Somebody test Lisa Carrington for steroids, she is an absolute beast (in  a good way).

    Looks like Ryan Lochte got home just in the nick of time. Don’t embarrass the local police, you end up face down in that polluted bay of theirs.

    Some Olympic sports we need to do away with;

    Equestrian (no animals allowed), what’s next, calf roping?

    Cycling, BMX and mountain bike

    Rhythmic gymnastics

    Synchronized swimming



    Women’s boxing

    ping pong

    Re: the beautiful game, for all the interest worldwide why are they 25 years behind American sports wrt officiating? No instant replay, one official (American football plays on a smaller field and has 7), rules are enforced willy nilly (5 officials have 5 different interpretations on if and when yellow cards are issued), no enforcement at all for the goalie coming off the center line in penalty shoot outs, the officiating is just a mess. And when are they going to yellow card floppers? These guys (and gals) get their foot stepped on, then collapse to the ground like they have been shot, all the while holding an ankle or a shin. Hell, even stoppage time to subjective, when you flop faking an injury during stoppage time, just to eat up the clock, many officials do not add more stoppage time, it is a disgrace.

    Lastly, I would like to see Usian Bolt run hard an entire race, I think he will do it in the 200.


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  7. CM

    US are kicking ass, good stuff. Yeah I sure wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of a angry Lisa Carrington, even though she’s shortarse. Hopefully she can get a second medal in her least favored event. We also have medal hopes with Lydia Ko, being no. 1 ranked women’s golfer. But it’s golf so anything can happen in a single event. We have outside medal chance with Willis in men’s 1500m and McCartney in women’s pole vault, and are guaranteed at least another medal (gold) in sailing.

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  8. repmom

    Entertaining finish for Bolt tonight in 200 semifinal with De Grasse. Look forward to tomorrow’s final race.

    And awesome sweep of US in Women’s 100 hurdles. Congrats to them.

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  9. Santino

    Entertaining finish for Bolt tonight in 200 semifinal with De Grasse.

    Not surprisingly the bromance between Bolt and De Grasse is getting a lot of airtime here in Canada.  Hopefully we’re witnessing a changing of the guard.

    Sad to see the women’s beach volleyball final tonight.

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  10. CM

    Looks like Ryan Lochte got home just in the nick of time. Don’t embarrass the local police, you end up face down in that polluted bay of theirs.

    Hmm, it seems they made it up to cover for destroying property. Not good.

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    I would not rush to judgement just yet. I watched that press conference in Rio, lets wait until all 4 swimmers are out of that 3rd world country, back home, and can speak  freely about it without fear of getting thrown in some prison hell hole.

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  12. repmom

    I didn’t watch the press conference, but I agree, Rich. I’d like to get all these guys home, and then grill the heck out of them.

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  13. Hal_10000

    Usain Bolt is must-watch TV for me.  I’m usually cheering for Americans but there is something amazing in the way he runs.  Was also enjoying the women’s beach volleyball and not just for the bikinis. Glad Walsh got her fourth medal.

    The women’s gymnastics was something else.  Biles won by a margin greater than all of the champs from 1976-2012 … combined.  And that was over Raisman, who would have won by a margin greater than all the champs from 1980-2012 … combined.  So glad Raisman finally got her medal. That tie-breaker in 2012 was some serious BS.

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  14. richtaylor365 *

    Check out what team USA is wearing in the closing ceremonies;

    Of course that handsome devil on the left won’t be at the closing ceremonies, he is hiding under his bed.

    Great women’s soccer final. If you would have asked me 10 years ago to watch women’s soccer or women’s basketball, I would have laughed at you, please, but the female athletes are getting so good, just amazing. Ditto ladies water polo, nice win.

    My wish for tonight, USA smokes Jamaica in both men’s and women’s 4 by 100 meter relay, a tall order, I know. And for all you guys that are fortunate enough to get the feed live, have pity on us poor schmucks on the west coast that have an hour delay.

    For tomorrow, Brazil over Germany in the men’s soccer final, their country needs this win bad.

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