The DNC’s National Grabfest

So far, the DNC has been … interesting. There’s been some drama with die hard Bernie supporters walking out and protests outside (more protests and more violent protests than we saw at the supposedly fascist RNC). DWS was booed out of the city. On the other hand, Bernie endorse Hillary. Michelle Obama’s speech was well-received. And Bill Clinton gave a nice rambling folksy speech last night. Support is slowly solidifying behind Clinton.

It’s almost enough to make you forget that the Democrats have rolled out one of the most radically Leftists agendas in modern political history.

Either through the platform or through speeches, the Democrats have called for trillions in new spending: free college, more healthcare, a public option, a $15 minimum wage, public funding for abortions, expanded Social Security, free pre-K, more money for schools, more money for “infrastructure”, more money for “alternative energy”, trade restrictions. They’ve had several speakers tonight talk about gun control — not the “expanded background checks” stuff they’ve talking about, but real gun-grabbing radicalism. They’ve blasted Citizen’s United (which involved a movie that had the temerity to criticize their candidate) and billionaires buying elections (even though the Koch Brothers are sitting this out while Soros has given $25 million to Clinton). Everything they’ve said so far — every single thing — has been about expanding government power. You have heard almost no advocacy for less government or more freedom.

Really, you could see it all in Michelle Obama’s speech. It was well-delivered. It was passionate. It was the right combination of fire and ice. And it was scary as hell. Because all she talked about was how we need to select a President who will “shape our children” over the next 4-8 years. Shaping our children is not the job of the damned President. That’s what we have a society for. The job of the President is to enforce the laws and keep the Canadian hordes from sweeping down through our cities. The President should be a role model. But asking him to “shape our children” is like asking the electric company to fold your laundry: it’s not their damned job.

Ordinarily, this would be a death-knell for the Democrats. And maybe it still will be — Trump is currently ahead in the polls. But I fear we are about to cement into American politics the idea of government as mother, government as father, government as savior, government as protector, government as provider. After two decades of pushing the country toward freer markets and greater prosperity, we are poised to plunge into a socialist abyss.

(I’m very curious to see where Trump goes on these issues. He has already conceded on Medicare. He has, in the past, expressed support for taxes on wealth and socialized medicine. He’s been kind of all over the map on abortion and gun control. One harbinger to watch for: what he says about the minimum wage in the debates. If he concedes that, he’s giving up the whole agenda.)

The most important, as I keep saying, is that the Republicans hold onto Congress. With Congress, they can stop most of Clinton’s agenda and perhaps set up a 2016 resurgence. But if they lose both houses and the White House, Clinton could do irreparable damage.

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  1. CM

    You have heard almost no advocacy for less government or more freedom.

    I’ve watched a bit (way too much smugness and bullshit to watch for too long) and I’ve heard plenty about what I consider freedom. What I mean are the life-altering opportunities provided by expanded rights, whether it be related to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc etc). As opposed to the ‘pay less tax and get to own guns’ freedom that is really really important to those who always had the basic freedom of opportunity.

    I took Michelle’s ‘shaping’ as being completely consistent with that.

    Bernie certainly seems to think he’s struck some large concessions though.

    It all seems much much more positive than last week’s convention, which was seriously dark and weird. I suspect the difference in that alone might attract some moderates/independents. I see Trump got an average convention bounce though, so maybe it doesn’t matter what you do.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    Much as I disagree with him, much as he drives me crazy, I have to admit that Obama’s speech last night was very good.  Whatever happened to that guy who opposed government overreach and believed in giving power to the people?

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  3. Santino

    Whatever happened to that guy who opposed government overreach and believed in giving power to the people?

    He was given the power of the presidency.

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