End of an Era

Well, the time has come. I can’t afford to keep this site any more. The archive is just too big to reduce my tier of hosting, and honestly…I’m done. It’s basically 5 guys yelling at each other every day, and it’s cost me thousands of dollars over the years to host an ever-dwindling, pale imitation of the old Thunderdome.

So…September 1st, 2016, RTFTLC is going dark, unless someone else wants to pay to host it. Right now it costs me a hundred a month (due to the need for many gigabytes of disk space, mostly). There are cheaper options, like an unlimited business account at WordPress, but I also do not have the time to move the site, so if someone wants to salvage it, they also need to either know how to move it, or pay someone who does.

I will save all the data and keep it in my own archives. If the site goes dark, the words will be safe. Someday I’ll figure out a way to publish the MW and RTFTLC archives on the cheap, but for now, I can’t do this anymore. Sorry to everyone still around, and sorry, Lee. I kept it going for a long time, brother.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Just to put in my $.02.  Jim and I have been discussing this offline for a while and I support this decision.  I have tried to keep things going for the seven years since Lee passed, but we’ve seen our audience decay and the costs are simply too much. I am deeply appreciative of those who have stuck with us for so many years and Jim’s willingness to keep things going.  But politics stopped being fun a while ago. And the traffic is not worth the hassle or the cost to Jim.

    If you have opinions about whether we should discontinue the blog, start a new one on wordpress (sans archive) or whatever, please let us know.

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  2. Hal_10000

    (One idea I would never have the time for: pick out the best of Lee’s blogging from all three sites and put it into an e-book.  Lee himself even suggested a possible title: All I Ever Packed Was A Toothbrush.)

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  3. repmom

    Lee. I kept it going for a long time, brother.

    That you did.

    Checking in here daily has been part of my life for more years than I can even remember, even times when I was determined not to. It was just as automatic as checking my email.



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  4. chrisbg99

    I may not have commented much but I always enjoyed the content here. Started coming to this and its affiliated sites 15 years ago or so and I learned a lot.

    Sad to see it all coming to an end.

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  5. Santino

    It will be sad to see it go.  I’ve been reading and enjoying this blog for over 10 years now.  It will be sorely missed.  Reading this post was like getting a kick in the gut.

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  6. Christopher

    I really hope you guys find a way to make it work, or start a new one on WordPress, because I’d hate to see everything here come to a halt.

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  7. JimK *

    Umm, Hal? In all our talks, we never thought of just starting fresh on a wordpress hosted account? Like, a really cheap, or shit, even a free one?

    I feel dumb. I mean, I’d set that up. It’d take me a small amount of time. Would everyone like to do that? We can take our time, since I’m already paid up through August for this place.


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  8. evanshrugged

    Sad to see the site go (if that’s what ends up happening). During college, it was exactly what I needed as I formed my political identity. I’ll continue following folks on twitter if nothing else. Thanks for the money spent, the hours and hours of writing, and for preserving Lee’s legacy.

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    Well shit. Geuss all good thing come to a and… If any y’all want to contact me. Facebook Twitter. Let me know.. Bit me up.. Its a sad thing. Jim, thanks for all you have done….

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  10. Hal_10000

    Umm, Hal? In all our talks, we never thought of just starting fresh on a wordpress hosted account? Like, a really cheap, or shit, even a free one?

    That could be done.  We’d have to have a new marque, since wordpress won’t take hyphens and rightthinking is already squatted.  The big problem, as I understand it, is the archive.

    Let me take a few days to think on it about whether it’s worth it.

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  11. Santino

    I’d be happy if you kept it going in any form.  If money is the main issue, I’d be more than happy to contribute to the cause.

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  12. Thrill

    Ted Cruz told me to vote according to my conscience…..and I vote for a new and financially sound RTFLC.

    We can’t let it die. It’s just too much hassle for me to change my Twitter name and profile.

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  13. AlexInCT

    Jim why did you never ask me to help pay for this stuff? I was not aware you were putting in that much money to keep this place going man. That is a lot of Moolah.

    I feel dumb. I mean, I’d set that up. It’d take me a small amount of time. Would everyone like to do that?

    Even if all I do is help pay for it I am in.

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  14. tomchamberlain

    A few things…

     I’m not a huge WordPress expert but I’m not sure you would have to jettison the archive.  Wordpress.com offers 13GB of storage on the $9 a month plan.
     If you don’t have time to do the work I’d highly recommend freelancer.com.  I do a lot of work through them (I’m an IT manager who hires contractors for scripts and internal web site work).  I still also have a personal account and would be happy to help (and help or maybe even fully fund) the transition for you.
     Did you notice RTFTLC.com is available?

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  15. West Virginia Rebel

    I’m sorry to see this happen; this was one of the first blogs I regularly visited. The good news is that Lee’s spirit lives on in the sites that have emerged since Right Thinking first appeared. Conservative bloggers made a difference in providing an alternative to the MSM, and Right Thinking was a big part of that. I would like to see a “best of” archive at some point. I’ve often wondered what Lee would have made of this election.

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  16. InsipiD

    Sad day indeed, as my coming here reaches fully back to a different chapter in my life.  This election has been one for the books, and I’m sure that Lee could’ve really made some funny out of it.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long, but thanks to everyone.  Especially thanks to JimK, who knew what was special and needed to be preserved.

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  17. mason

    I’ve been lurking here for I don’t know how many years.. 15?  I loved reading what Lee had to say and I’ve enjoyed how the site has been kept alive since then.  His words were always informative and entertaining and educational and just damn fun.

    I’ll gladly pay for another three months (maybe more) of hosting if it would help someone figure out how to archive and preserve this content.  I’d also be willing to throw in some money for a professional to convert it to $cheaper_format.

    Storage is so incredibly cheap nowadays.  This is something that can be solved.

    If interested.. mason.taylor@gmail.com

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  18. yabkpjo

    Really sorry to hear this.  I don’t even remember how I originally discovered Lee’s blog (maybe a guest post of his on another site?); but I’ve been a regular lurker/reader since probably 2003-2004.  Enjoyed reading Lee’s posts both about politics and about life in California/China; and likewise for Hal and the other newer bloggers.

    +1 to wanting to see this site continue in some form.

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  19. richtaylor365

    Some very generous folks here have offered to help transition the site. I hope the powers that be, those admin folks behind the scene, are confabbing together and are working on a plan to keep the site going albeit on a more modest budget. Most sites have a tip jar icon affixed to the home page. Once a year a we could do a funds drive. It would not take much per member ponied up to keep it solvent. But yes, someone has to step up and actually pay the bills.

    Although not as relevant as in past days, there is a need for blogs like this to counter the muck and  malaise of the progressive media. With some much needed attention to the mechanics of the site, it’s maintenance and a few more authors contributing, we could make this place a home. I hope it happens.

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  20. thelastdakrat

    I would love to see the site go on, if it’s feasible.  I’ve been lurking, but I still visit.  Been reading for about 12 years.

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  21. Hal_10000

    Right now, I’m tossing up a few ideas.  May run a poll at some point:

    1) Lose the RTFLC archives but restart the blog on wordpress at something like rtflc.wordpress.com

    2) Start the blog under a new marque

    3) Move my political blogging onto my personal site.

    Opinions, either my comment, email or message, welcome.

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  22. richtaylor365

    Some questions;

    1) As of today, who exactly has admin rights to the site?

    2)When the site moves at the end of the month, who will have admin duties?

    3)Has anyone contacted those folks in the above comments, those offering  to help out with the transition,  will their generosity be utilized?

    4)When you say ,”Start the blog under a new margue”, what do you mean? Are you talking about a new face lift for the home page or a different name and theme entirely? In keeping with the memory of the founder, I would like to keep the name, this makes sense for those returning eyes.

    5) Re: #3, do you mean, like what Alex did when he first became an author, that you will cross post on both sites?

    I suspect that the big move will take some time, the sooner this is started the better. I have a number of different ideas concerning the cosmetics of the home page, we can maybe start a new thread on what folks here want the home page to include. And along with this a clearer understanding of the finances involved so some contributions can be made. Also, a renewed push to obtain more permanent authors. I know we added 2 last year but nether one contributed much.Maybe some other regulars would like to take a crack at it.

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  23. Santino

    Personally I don’t care about site aesthetics or the archives.  I just want to be able to access the site daily, whatever form that is.  I am still willing to contribute money for maintenance as well.

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  24. ilovecress

    I actually have admin rights, because I think some time ago there was some talk of me being a guest poster, but I’ve never used them. Looks like it’s just contributor rights though.

    Wherever the site is I’ll still visit, although I agree that keeping ‘the spirit of Lee’ through at least the name would be good.

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