Not Caring

Trump has named a Vice President: Mike Pence of Indiana. Ordinarily, this would be something I’d blog about. He’s an OK choice, if a bit to the Culture War side of things.

The convention has started with an apparent attempted rebellion. Ordinarily, this would be something I’d blog about. It’s a squeal of protest against Trump but it won’t go anywhere.

The thing I’m finding is that I just don’t care. I don’t care what the GOP does right now. I don’t care to blog about Trump’s circus act, at least for a while. This is a freak show that can match anything the Democrats have ever put up. This is Kanye and Taylor and Kim with trillion dollar budgets and nuclear weapons. If something interesting happens, I’ll talk about it. But I’m going to be blogging very little about the RNC this week because I just don’t care for the circus act.

Update: I will, however, be throwing rocks from my alternate ego:

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  1. repmom

    Determined not to watch the Trump Circus. Kept getting Facebook messages from friends telling me I should be watching, that it was “really good”. Finally decided to check it out for the hell of it. Did so just as Marcus Luttrell was finishing up. Great respect for the man, disappointed to see him supporting Trump. Tried to listen to Rudy, who I once had great respect for, but finally had to mute him, just couldn’t stomach another minute of it.

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  2. CM

    As Nate Silver summarised: “A very heavy dose of cultural resentment, being willing to go to a very dark place, leavened by occasional touches of humanity. No pretense of policy substance — he’s not appealing to the rational parts of people’s brains, and he’s proud of it.”

    Those who think of Obama as a idiotic narcissist marxist islamist will be loving it.

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  3. CM

    I admire the sheer balls of having such a historically vile platform on LGBT rights and yet playing Freddie Mercury at your convention. Brilliant.

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    I liked Melania, who seemed the only decent person.  Of course, now it turns out her speech-writers lifted an entire passage from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech (and also included a rickroll).

    Are we sure he’s actually trying to win?

    repmom, my reaction to Rudy was the same. I remember when the GOP was positive and uplifting.  The 2012 convention did a really good job of improving Romney’s image and generating optimism.  This … isn’t looking good.

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  5. repmom

    Can’t wait to see how Trump and Company handle the apparent plagiarized speech issue in the morning.

    Enjoying some now on CNN bending over backwards in an effort to defend it.

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  6. ilovecress

    What do you guys think (as conservatives) about the ‘plagiarised’ thing? Either the Trump campaign knew about this, and so is trying to lose, or they didn’t spot it, so are incompetent. Or am I missing another way to read this?

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  7. CM

    I don’t know about you but I was incredibly inspired by the struggles she’s had to overcome as a black woman growing up in America.

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  8. Hal_10000 *

    Cress, I think they were just sloppy. That and it’s a great distraction from the other messes yesterday (the floor fight, some alarming speeches).  I think they’re happy with it overall.

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  9. blameme

    I find it ridiculous that the left is more up in arms over a possible plagiarized speech than a damned personal email server that caused the state department to turn off security so illegal emails from Clinton wouldn’t be seen as spam.

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  10. Hal_10000 *

    You can’t hold actual Democratic politicians to the same standards you hold the apolitical wives of Republicans. What kind of monster would do that?

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  11. AlexInCT

    I find it ridiculous that the left is more up in arms over a possible plagiarized speech than a damned personal email server that caused the state department to turn off security so illegal emails from Clinton wouldn’t be seen as spam.

    That was an attempt at humor right? Sarcasm? Because I am absolutely not surprised by this.

    If it was not for double standards, the left would have none. It is not accidental that whatever bad/illegal/evil behavior you hear the left attributing to their opposition, ends up being something you find out someone on the left has actually done or is doing.

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  12. CM

    I don’t know why they don’t just accept it and say it was inadvertent and blame someone in the back office. Take all the heat out of it right away. But no. And they’re all over the place with their responses – the outright denials and trying to blame Hillary for it just make them look batshit insane. But then that’s their market I guess.

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  13. richtaylor365

    Repmom, you missed some great speeches. Sheriff Clarke was great, Marcus Lutrell, 2 of the Benghazi heroes, Tom Cotton (anytime Cotton speaks, you should listen), all worth your attention. Some great speakers tonight as well including Paul Ryan.

    The plagiarism controversy is just stupid. I saw some blogs this morning providing proof that Michelle plagiarized her speech as well, who cares? Here is what’s important;

    Michelle: “For the first time in my life I felt proud to be an American”

    Melania: “I was very proud to become a US citizen”

    That’s all you need to know, one is a blame racist America first shrew and the other loves her country.

    The Trump response to the idiocy;


    Update, right after I posted my comment I found this on another site;

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Should I accuse the other site of plagiarism?

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  14. ilovecress

    Cress, I think they were just sloppy.

    Is it not worrying that ‘your’ nominee is that sloppy about something so easy?

    (I realise the irony of this statement given the email issue….)

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  15. Seattle Outcast

    I stopped giving a shit many years ago.  Both parties are corrupt reflections of each other and need to die, or at the very least, have all the sane people leave for new parties that aren’t run by establishment drones looking to keep the status quo.  That was the DNC can rename itself the Stalinist Progressive Party (and CM can wet himself in glee) and the GOP can officially become the renewed Christian Socialist Party that it has been in reality since the late 1980’s.

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  16. CM

    Not enough nationalistic jingoism huh Rich (the dumb shit that helped enable the Iraq debacle)? Don’t forgot about how ridiculous Michelle’s private birthday was too now. That’s really all we need to know.

    Yeah that’s it, I’m a Stalinist. Genius as usual SO.

    What truth should we be getting from this time? I guess you hadn’t given up by that point….

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  17. AlexInCT

    I am with you SO. I am tired of voting for the least destructive, stupid, corrupt, or evil person every god damned election. I really thought I would just not vote this year, but when Hillary not only won but got away with another crime, I figure I had to hold my nose and vote against her out of principle. My only consolation, I guess, is that while Trump might be a bad president, Hilary is about the only person that I am certain can make things worse than Obama has.

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  18. CM

    Based on your ongoing comments about anyone who voted for Obama (that they did so because they worshipped him, not because it might have been that he was just ok, or just better than the other guy), you’re now officially sucking Trump’s cock. Congratulations.

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  19. AlexInCT

    Yeah, because holding my nose and voting against Hillary – a monster crook and despicable person that actually is about the only other scumbag on the planet I think can do worse than Obama – is the exact same thing as sucking Obama dick and acting like he will be a great statesman, sure. You can act as if people just pretended Obama wasn’t the second coming and a bunch of DNC operatives with bylines that pretended to be unbiased media not only never bothered to look into how unqualified and mediocre he was, but actively told us how thrilled they were that we were getting someone of such high caliber. I mean, shit, saying you will not vote for a corrupt criminal that not only seems to be a habitual liar and then retaliates against those that point out she is a lying, conniving crook, is actually the same as saying you will vote for an inept an unknown Chicago community organizer. Because nobody that I know that is a fan of Obama ever told me they voted for him as a protest vote against the other guy. To the last one they all voted for him because they bought into his bullshit.

    Cognitive dissonance. You should look it up. And keep your congratulations for yourself. Nobody deserves them more than idiot apologists like you that seem to think they actually have a point to make when they only contribution they provide is disrupting the adults with their childish tantrums. Fuck off.

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  20. CM

    Sure some people who voted for Obama did so because they loved him, but since I’ve read your posts you’ve consistently maintained that ANYONE who voted for him (or anyone who even picks apart a weak or terrible argument against him) must automatically be sucking his cock. But now, somehow, you’re allowed to be voting for Trump simply because he’s not Hillary. No matter that you refuse to recognise any distinction at all between those who voted for Obama. But you’ll no doubt continue to argue that because SOME voted for him with enthusiasm, that means EVERYONE who voted for him did so. Yet another example of the hypocritical black-and-white fact-free world you live in.

    Trump is very clearly a lying, racist arsehole (he paid homeless people to harass his tenants when he was a slum-lord, ffs) who is mostly likely a monster crook too. He just happens to be the right colour/flavour for you. Once you sign up to voting for Trump, you’re immediately revealing that the only problem you really have with Hillary is that she’s the wrong flavour/colour.

    Cognitive dissonance indeed. You could put it all on a massive billboard and it wouldn’t be any more obvious.

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  21. CM

    That’s all you need to know, one is a blame racist America first shrew and the other loves her country.

    That’s another example of mind-numblingly binary black-and-white childish stupidity and exactly why you’ve ended up with someone like Donald Trump. He’s admired because he ‘speaks his mind’ (even though it’s blatantly racist and sexist) but Michelle Obama speaking her mind (about racism) it’s appalling. Just so lazy.

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  22. Hal_10000 *

    I actually thought the Trump kids didn’t do badly last night.  Tiffany gave a nice speech trying to humanize her dad.  And Trump Jr gave a political speech way better than anything Trump Sr. has ever given.  Any chance we can switch him in for his dad?

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  23. repmom

    Rich — Watched “Homeland” episodes last night rather than watching convention. May have missed great speeches, but after all, that is all they are “speeches”. Nothing I haven’t already heard, don’t already know. And nothing that will change my opinion of Donald Trump.

    I will tune in this evening for Rubio and Cruz, simply out of curiosity of what they will say.

    On the plagiarism of Melanie’s speech — yeah, not really a big deal. All the lies told in the last 48 hours by Trump and Co. surrounding it — so obvious and “in our face”— a different story in my opinion.

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  24. CM

    I agree, the plagiarism is just a distraction and meaningless beyond the ability to wonder WTF is going on with Trump’s people, and make jokes.

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  25. AlexInCT

    I agree, the plagiarism is just a distraction and meaningless beyond the ability to wonder WTF is going on with Trump’s people, and make jokes.

    If only the left had, lets say, been as concerned about plagiarism when one of their own had done it, you might have ground to stand up. Google Obama, Clinton, Biden, Warren, and so on and plagiarism, and what you get is stories telling us why it is no big deal.

    It’s like what happens with crime. Republican does something minor or gets accused of something even if it is false or not a crime? End of the world unless they are put away forever. Democrat does major crime, real nasty shit that anyone else would do hard time for? Shit they should be given a pass!

    As I point out constantly: if it was not for double standards, the left would have none.

    Keep on trying though. You are worth your weight in cold gold providing the real life examples of mental dissonance.

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  26. CM

    WTF….you’re arguing against me saying it was no big deal?

    How they dealt with it gave much more insight, as I said.

    As I also said, if you’re voting for Trump then you’re endorsing a whole lot of what you’ve previously argued against. You’re a walking, talking double-standard.

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