Happy Fourth

240 years of freedom*. Happy Birthday, America.

(*Note: “Freedom” does not apply to cigarettes, alcohol, sex work, guns, “hate speech”, insensitivity, salt, sugar, fat, raising children, education, farming, catering, baking, self-incrimination, privacy, papers and persons, driving, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, flying and anything else we think of that should be banned or regulated for your own good.

It does however, include the freedom to pay for sports stadiums, drug wars, prisons, TSA beatdowns of disabled teenagers, SWAT raids, corporate welfare, “alternative energy”, bullet train boondoggles and faux FBI investigations.)

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    As a Seattle resident, I can inform that the “freedom” of voting down a stadium measure does not mean the stadium will not be built.  It merely means that the government will force you to pay for it anyway, but they all wanted to get a good laugh in at your expense when they put it on the ballot.

    Safeco Field – voted down, got it anyway.

    Century Link – for odd reason put to a state ballot when only the Puget Sound reason was going to get soaked for it.  Team owned by one of the richest men on the planet, who apparently while spending billions on new construction on business parks, can’t pay for his own football stadium.

    A new basketball stadium will be foisted upon the taxpayers as soon as they can get a solid commitment for an NBA team to move here and replace the Sonics.

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