Honor The Heroes, Scorn The Cowards

Just watched “13 Hours” last night, all I can say is ,”DDDDAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!!”

This is one of those movies (Black Hawk Down, another) that every single American should see. Running towards the guns, risking your lives so that others might live, these men must never be forgotten.

Because of the politicized nature of the event (all of this on Obama, BTW, and his bullshit narrative about a spontaneous demonstration over a video) many people will probably think this movie has an agenda, a political agenda, not even remotely so. Questions are asked by those getting theirs asses shot off why help never came, no answers are put forth. But this in no way detracts from the heroic stand these CIA operators made in protecting the lives of the 2 dozen or so trapped CIA officials stuck in the annex.

One complaint {spoiler}, the movie gave scant attention to Glen Doherty , this was an oversight. From all accounts that I have read Doherty was in the thick of it and between him and Tyrone Woods killed over 60 terrorist attackers.

In contrast to the heroes of Benghazi, the Navy just published their report on embarrassing capture of the US sailors by Iran, it does not hold back. What ever could go wrong, did. But this was a catastrophe of their own making. Lousy seamanship, a lackadaisical approach to the mission, dereliction of duty, and as the report stated, “lack of preparedness and warfighting toughness.” The worst part was how they behaved after detection. After surrendering their vessels, they comported themselves poorly (crying in the face of the enemy) and offered up information beyond name, rank, and serial number. Essentially they acted like pussies, and embarrassed the US Navy. Yeah, the customary heads rolled, but what a black eye for the military, we have to do better.

The SEAL Code

• Loyalty to Country, Team and Teammate
• Serve with Honor and Integrity On and Off the Battlefield
• Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit
• Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates
• Excel as Warriors through Discipline and Innovation
• Train for War, Fight to Win, Defeat our Nation’s Enemies
• Earn your Trident everyday

Heroes still exist, the military is filled with them.

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  1. AlexInCT

    The military has been on of the institutions most egregiously put under attack by Obama and the SJW clan. I hear recently that congress was given as guidelines for flag promotions a requirement that the officer in question not only believe in AGW, but actually feels obligated to do something about it.

    We can’t call Islam and its radical murdering philosophy what it is without it ending your career and you have to worship Gaia, all while the last 8 years have seen the most intense tempo of action in decades with little or no reprieve or relief for either the people or equipment being worn down at a record rate. I am certain this was part of the fundamental transformation we where promised.

    And Hillary needs to be wearing orange or stripes for what she did, not be running for president. She should be charged under the espionage act act for her e-mail server and the numerous criminal acts that followed to hide the fact she broke the law. And hopefully there is a hell, because if anyone belongs there, it is this evil woman.

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  2. repmom

    I have watched “Black Hawk Down” numerous times — it’s on my top ten movies’ list. We watched “13 Hours” about a week ago, and “Act of Valor” (2012) two nights ago.

    No politicitizing in “13 Hours”, just told the story as it took place. Definitely a must see movie.

    It takes special guys to do what this men do for their country (and each other), and I am always in awe of them when I see such movies, including “Lone Survivor” and “American Sniper”.

    There would be no crying coming from any of them; was tough seeing the images of the captured sailors, for sure.

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