There’s dumb. There’s stupid. There’s idiotic. And then there’s PETA:

(#StateofWomen refers to the White Houses’s State of Women summit which, as far as I can tell, is designed to advance a left wing agenda by claiming it’s a feminist one.)

Here’s a little peek at how I write. I do a lot of my writing while doing other stuff: working, cleaning up the house, looking after kids, swimming (especially swimming). By that I don’t mean I’m actively blogging when I’m supposed to be doing my job. I mean that, while I’m working or bathing Hal 11000 Beta or whatever, stuff is bubbling away in the back of my mind. A blog post, a news event or a tweet stews back there, with thoughts accumulating around it. And then at some point, usually in the evening after the kids are passed out, I write out most of a blog post.

Twitter often works the same way. Sometimes I respond instantly to things. Other times, I’ll read something, think about it while I’m doing stuff and then comment during a break in the action. I’ve learned, with both blogging and tweeting, not to force things but to let my ideas ease out on their own — kind of like taking a particularly hard dump (cue jokes about my writing style).

With this PETA quote, though, I was stumped. I would think of something funny to say and then I’d realize it wasn’t as funny as what PETA had originally tweeted. And then I’d think of a snide remark and realize it didn’t mock the tweet as well as it mocked itself. What can you say about someone who doesn’t see a moral difference between a human being and the vicious, dirty (but delicious) creatures that are chickens? In the end, all I could do was retweet it and let its idiocy stand for itself.

This is close to the platonic ideal of a stupid tweet. Anthropologists will study it for years to explore the idiocy. It’s kind of miraculous, really.

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  1. InsipiD

    Their media person even felt it necessary to make it into a quote with attribution rather than posting it as the stand-alone nonsense that it is.

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  2. AlexInCT

    This is a joke right? Nobody is this retarded. Seriously Hal, you are fucking pulling our leg with this piece right? I mean, nobody is this fucking dense. It can’t be.

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  3. ilovecress

    Um Hal, I think you’ll find that the correct term is ‘flight-challenged avian egg mother‘. The word ‘chicken’ is nothing but a remnant from an Agricultural Patriarchy that has kept our feathered brethren subdued for hundreds of years in service to the corportations of Big Omelette.

    Wake up Sheeple!

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