Chaos in San Jose


Protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in the streets of San Jose, California, Thursday night after the presumptive GOP nominee held a rally.

Protesters waved Mexican flags and one could be seen burning an American flag, with another burning Trump’s “Make America Great Hat.” Some chanted “F— Donald Trump” and “Donald Trump has got to go” outside the San Jose Convention Center, where Trump held his rally.

Reports include Trump supporters being egged, supporters and protesters being punched and protesters jumping on cars and screaming about how we need socialism (the irony of far more violent protesters over the effects of socialism in Venezuela being lost on them).

This is insane. This is thuggery. This is unacceptable. A lot of the commentary focuses on how this plays into Trump’s hands and will rally his support. Maybe. But I find myself agreeing with Chris Hayes:

And as for my feelings about this:

Trump is bad Presidential candidate and I think would likely make a bad President. His “plan” for expelling eleven million illegal immigrants has the very real potential to be a humanitarian disaster. And he has no respect for other people’s First Amendment rights, having brought numerous SLAPP lawsuits to silence his critics and making open threats of what he would do, as President, to judges and reporters he doesn’t like. But he’s not Hitler. I have no problem with people protesting against him or his policies. But when they attack his supporters or try to stop him from speaking, they’ve crossed a line.

This is usually the point where some helpful person will point out the First Amendment only protects us from government censorship. And they’re right. However, as Greg Lukianoff has argued, it is critical that we not only respect the First Amendment but that we cultivate a culture of free speech. We ned a country where the mere idea of silencing people we don’t like through thuggery, be it individuals or government, is repellent. But to far left, the idea of letting people speak has become anathema. We used to boast about letting Nazis and the KKK — real genuine hate groups that advocated violence — speak what was in their twisted little minds. Now we descend into madness on the words of a two-bit New York real-estate mogul.

Let Trump speak. Let people support him. And respond to thing you don’t like with more speech and rallying your supporters. That’s the way you deal with politicians and political movements you don’t like. And as long as you’re doing that, I will support your right to speak just as vigorously as I support Trump’s.

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  1. Christopher

    On a related note, I was happy to hear J.K. Rowling speak in support of Trump’s right to free speech:

    Like her, I don’t like Donald Trump in the least bit, but I have a lot of respect for her for that.

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  2. AlexInCT

    Saying this was chaos is like saying WWII was just a minor skirmish.  What we had there is the exact behavior that the left has tried, unsuccessfully because it never happens, to pin on the right – especially the tea partiers – whenever they want to show you how radical and dangerous the other side is. The funny thing is that when bad, dangerous, and outright moronic stuff happens, it is members of the left that seem to do it.

    In this case you had people with Mexican flags screaming that the southerns states need to be given back to Mexico, acting out in typical leftist fashion., and the LSM pretending it was just protesters protesting. Had anyone on the right done any of this to some leftard, I assure you that we would be hearing how violent these terrorists on the right really were…

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    Jesse Walker made a great point: even if you think Trump is a fascist, it does not follow that his supporters are.  Picking on them is weak.  You’re not fighting anyone with actual authority or power; you’re picking on someone who just wants to hear the man speak.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Every time these idiots do this shit they make more people think voting Trump is not such a bad idea too, Hal. This article was awesome. Key quote:

    The tendency of the media has been, however, to blame the rise of Donald Trump for this violence. They blame Trump’s rhetoric for eliciting violent response from the left – a pure example of “she was wearing a short skirt, so the rape was inevitable” logic.

    Violent leftists, most of them likely illegal immigrants sucking at the government’s teat and obviously with zero allegiance to the country they are now fleecing, act like douche-bags, and the left, especially the media, blames Trump.

    In-fucking-credible. Can you ever imagine the fucking scumbags defending behavior like this from the right?

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  5. richtaylor365

    I am always amazed when basic logic somehow gets praised as revolutionary or cutting edge. Both Hayes and Rowling are NOT civil rights trailblazers, they are stating the obvious, nothing more. If basic civil liberties do not apply to everyone, they apply to no one (gee, now somebody can praise me as being somehow a pioneer of civil liberties). And it shows you how far we have fallen, how influential the post modern progressives have been in reshaping the narrative, that very basic liberties like free speech gets qualifiers attached to it.

     First Amendment only protects us from government censorship. And they’re right. 

    I don’t think so. This is analogous to saying the Second Amendment only applies to Brown Bess muskets. I doubt you would hear the ACLU make qualifiers about free speech in this manner.

    But he’s not Hitler

    And what if he was? Would it somehow negate his basic civil liberties?

    As for the legal thuggery we see at the Trump rallies, I blame the police (and by direct extension, the liberal civil leaders that place collars on both them and the DA’s). I just watched a youtube video of a Trump supporter getting sucker punched, knocked to the ground unconscious, just as 2 cops ride up on bikes. Clearly they saw the assault, why didn’t they arrest the criminal?

    Hopefully this lays to rest that bogus media polemic that the Trump supporters are the violent ones. It is always the leftest stooges that can’t behave themselves, can’t act like adults,and certainly can’t fathom the concept that all political speech must be protected.


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  6. Dr. Bill

    San Jose CA  is just the last in a long line of “Trump Rally” protest, riots, and disorder…..But, every least little bit of trouble, rioting, and illegality is being performed by the masses of brain-dead, mind-numbed Liberal Democrat Party supporters!!!! As a bystander here in middle fly over country—every time these lunatic fringe democrats go on the rampage (warpath), the more it confirms just how much our country needs someone like Donald Trump to reverse and rescind almost everything enacted by Obama & Co. these past 7+ years.

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  7. Hal_10000 *

     don’t think so. This is analogous to saying the Second Amendment only applies to Brown Bess muskets. I doubt you would hear the ACLU make qualifiers about free speech in this manner.

    Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech”  That pretty clearly applies only to government.  There’s no compulsion on me to listen or to give someone a platform or to not shout while they’re speaking.  But I think that last is covered under what I said about creating a culture of free speech.

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