These people think George Orwell’s 1984 is an instruction manual

If you have not read 1984, you should, but here is a synopsis about what at that time was seen as a work of fiction that reflected a world gone mad. Basically Orwell created a dystopian world run by “Big Brother”, an entity that pretends to run this upside down world for the betterment of all people, but really is only out for the elite few (basically every collectivist system in history), where amongst other things the “Ministry of Truth” twists language to suit whatever the agenda du jour of the masters is. Stories change, often and blatantly, without regard for the obvious contradictions and abuse, so the masters can get what they want from the sheep.

Queue in the latest instance of our own Obama Administration’s “Ministry of Truth”, and man have we had a few doozies from these people, where they now are relabeling criminals and criminal activity. I admit that when I saw this piece for the first time I double checked to make sure it was not a belated April first joke or some publication from whatever site finally replaced the now DNC controlled Onion as the latest site for sarcastic, ironic, and moronic news. It tuns out that it is for real. Sure, the claim is that this relabeling is to give people a second chance, but me, I see it as another chess move in the much greater game where the left wants to specifically use the power of government restore voting right to criminals, whom would predominantly vote for them.

Whatever your feelings about criminality in this country, you have to admit that we have a problem with our leadership at this time. On the one hand they are criminalizing all sorts of albeit stupid but not criminal behaviors the left dislikes, and yet here we have the administration going out of its way to destigmatize real criminals and crime. Personally I, if I for a second believed that we could get a system where if drugs were decriminalized the government wouldn’t make people like me pay for the cost of the nanny state safety net that they would create, would decriminalize drug use. But rape and robbery, armed or otherwise, are serious crimes I feel far stronger about. I don’t mind people making personal choices about associating or interacting with people convicted of these sorts of crimes, but I have serious reservations about government pushing people into that, and doing so at such an Orwellian level, just so they can eventually tell us they will give these people the ability to vote (for them) again.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Oh, look, all I had to do was look into the actual report to find out that “justice-involved individuals” was not an Orwellian term to refer to criminals but a catch-all term for convicts, arrestees, juveniles or anyone who has had an interaction with the criminal justice system. And it has page after page mainly asking universities to be specific when asking questions so that they can distinguish between, say, someone busted for pot 15 ¬†and someone convicted of rape.

    Don’t take the NY Post as gospel. It’s a rag.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Right, because this administration has no record at all of absolutely taking something to a ridiculous extreme and fucking us over for it ever, huh? I mean it is not like sex on campuses now requires lawyers and forms in triplicates if someone doesn’t want an angry date to accuse them of rape months later or snowflakes are acting like spoiled cunts whenever they have to hear or deal with shit they don’t like and getting backing from the same scumbags that are forcing this idiotic thing on us. After all, these guys always mean well, so what could go wrong? Shit Obama has basically ordered lenders, just recently, to do exactly the same shit that underlies the financial crisis he used to get himself elected, but this time it will work out prefect right?

    As I pointed out: this is but the first shot in a federal move to make it illegal to deny criminals the vote, because after all, they vote for democrats. Its social justice and they have a right to vote no matter what! Of course criminals will never be allowed to exercise their constitutional right to own a fire arm however, because that right the left doesn’t believe in. No they will not come out and admit it yet, and if they do, they are likely to claim constitutional protection and avoid any inquiry by the congress on it as well. I mean there is a small chance justice prevails and all Obama Admin criminals (thats practically every one of them in this admin) end up in jail, so this will help them bigtime.

    And while I will never take anything in any newspaper as gospel, I think calling the NY Post a rag, considering the crap the NYT for example puts out, is kind of specious. I find them oft far more reliable than their competition.

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