Do you miss that cowboy yet?

The Telegraph has an article titled “Why should we take advice from a president who has surrendered the world to chaos?“. I am surprised the media is finally admitting that the bulk of the people that used to believe Obama was going to save the planet now see that Obama has been a crappy POTUS and has done more harm to world stability than any president in my lifetime, including Jimmy Carter and the left’s Boogaboo GWB. Obama is nothing more than a community organizer, and a lousy one at that because his ego gets in the way, and we are all going to suffer long and hard because of the damage he and his administration – including the criminal old woman running on the premise that it his her turn because her plumbing is on the inside – have wrought.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    A friend of mine is convinced that Obamatard has increased world respect for the USA since the days of Bush.  It took all I had to not tell him that the rest of the world regarded Obama as a spineless little turd and that they were laughing at us.

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  2. ilovecress

    He’s getting the Brexit folks knickers in a twist because he came out in favour of Britain staying in Europe – saying that it would hurt US/UK trade (which it would)

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  3. louctiel

    …..he came out in favour of Britain staying in Europe

    The British were planning on moving the country?  Where were they going to move it to?  Perhaps to the south Pacific?  ;)  (Just kidding.)

    ….saying that it would hurt US/UK trade (which it would)

    Obama tried raising the false idea that the US could not negotiate trade agreements with the EU and Britain at the same time.    In and of itself, that is a ridiculous hypothesis as it presumes the US can’t negotiate multiple treaties at a time.    Secondly, as the EU has so many rules on labeling and standards that harm trade, it is not correct to think that absent of those rules trade with the US and England would suffer.  If anything, the markets would open up creating more trade.

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  4. AlexInCT *

    Hey ilovecress, the problem with the EU is that Brussels has become exactly the caricature of a totalitarian entity that looks after the needs of the connected (the political aristocracy in EU member nations) and does nothing to help the citizens of the EU, so Britain leaving might be a good thing for the British people. Not surprised Obama, which would love to pull the shit the EU gets away with here as well, told the UK that they should stay (or else).

    BTW, Obama didn’t just come out in favor of the UK staying in the EU, but threatened them with consequences should they leave, and that is why they had their knickers in a bunch. I would have been pissed as well if Obama had pulled that kind of heavy handed Chicago crime syndicate move to force me to do something I think he shouldn’t have any fucking say in.

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  5. Technomad

    The problem is partly that the MSM is heavily dominated by people who’ve sold their souls (if any) to the Black Messiah, so they’ll run interference for him to the bitter end.

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  6. ilovecress

    I don’t think it’s about whether the US would negotiate a trade deal with a solus UK, but about how high up the list of priorities it would be. Negotiating as an EU block (with a consumer base of half a million) gives the UK much more negotiating power than is they’re using their 60 million consumers as a bargaining chip.

    Of course, the counter to that is that we wouldn’t have to agree to the collective agreements of the EU. So the deals might not be as big, but they may be nimbler..

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