Innocence is Not Proof of Innocence

Another big week, but I thought I’d put this up. How bad has our college kangaroo court system gotten? You can now be effectively expelled for rape when the supposed victim says she wasn’t raped. At all. As long as someone at some point thinks the sex was non-consensual, it’s fair game.

The good news is that the student is fighting back and is suing the Office of Civil Rights itself for demanding that college water down their judicial systems like this.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Blame the leftist zealots in government that need to create the next big crisis they are going to be needed for so they can stay employed for the constant stream of absurd shit coming from colleges.

    We used to be told that it would be those religious and conservative puritanical a-holes that would deprive us of our freedoms and the ability to fornicate, and here we are today with the leftists basically turning sex into something evil.

    One point is clear: the direction this is heading in is that all sex is going to soon be labeled as rape, since women can’t consent anyway…

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