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In case you don’t live in the US, today is tax day. If you are like me, you set it up so Uncle Sam takes the least amount possible during the year from your paycheck, and after you do your taxes, sent these parasites a check for whatever you owe them. Unlike most of the people that tell you our system is unfair because others are doing better than them, I can actually control my spending and even do a bit of saving. I know how to make my money work better for me and don’t need to use government as a savings plan to make sure I don’t blow my cash on blow, booze, and bitchez. That whole thing about if we magically managed to redistribute the world’s wealth equally today, by the end of the month, with so few exceptions we can drop them as statistical noise, we would be back exactly where we started, with the same people complaining about how the system is rigged against them and looking for a handout. But that’s not what this piece is about.

I actually wanted to point out a major flaw in our system. When you have almost half of the people in your country not paying federal taxes or ending up with an effective marginal rate of zero or lower, and they get to vote, these people will never have a problem with the rest of us getting soaked by the crooks in DC, which continue to collect record amounts of money, despite most people predicting that things are heading south. Yeah, I know we have been told by a complicit and completely owned subsidiary of the DNC that masquerades as the media that we have been in an economic recovery, for 8 years now since Obama took over, but those of us actually working don’t see any of that recovery, and actually see things getting worse.

The thing is that we have 2 candidates, both in the same party, telling us DC should be taking even more money from the productive so they can increase the number of people sucking at the government teat. Shit, one of them has dropped any pretense of reality, and is promising $18 trillion in new entitlements and government handouts. My favorite one is free college. We get told that college has now become a necessity for people to qualify for better jobs, and thus, college should now be treated like so many other things the left wants us to now take as obligations of the productive to pay for the masses to have. I have yet to get any of the “free college” morons to explain to me why I should expect this to not result in college educations turning into even bigger wastes of money and time than they have become today. After all, we already have a government run free K-12 education system, and nobody that has a modicum of honesty and scruples, believes this system has been anything but an abysmal failure. It used to suffice to finish high school to actually be qualified for good employment. Then government took that over and dumbed it down so the failure of the unionized but well connected education establishment could avoid owning the miasma they created, and we all know how many people now leave high school without having met even the lowest of standards to show they actually worked on getting educated. Anyone else find hilarity in the fact that it is the same people that fucked over the K-12 system that now want to take over and make college free as well? That’s gonna end so well…

Anyway, back to talking taxes. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that we should pay some taxes. My disagreement is with a system that allows people that don’t pay anything to elect politicians that then tell the rest of us we need to pony up even more of our money for them to expand the abuse and corruption already rampant in the system. The best change to save our system of government right now, the one that would do the most to curb government abuses across the board, would be a flat tax and the abolishment of the IRS. If everyone has to pay an equal percentage, we will all have the same skin in the game, and with people that vote for a living suddenly out of that job, DC might finally be forced into fiscal responsibility. Even more important, the current corrupt system that allows the political aristocracy to abrogate itself unlimited wealth and power by forcing the rest of us to buy favors from them, especially taxation mitigation related favors, would implode overnight. No wonder that neither the collectivist & crony economy party nor the less collectivist and crony economy party want to do that.

As you send more of your hard earned pay to DC to be squandered by the vote buying aristocracy and their schemes and scams, remember that the answer to quite a few of this great country’s problems is actually quit simple. A flat tax would do away with so many of the special mechanisms that have propped up this dysfunctional bloated government we have today and in a single move force DC into dealing both with the economic reality they have created as well as return some sanity to the political class. It is therefore that it is anathema to the current political aristocracy whom would lose drastically should the status quo be upset. A man raped every year by the big government state – so people that pretend they mean well ca keep buying votes from close to half of the country that has no skin in the tax paying game – can dream.

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  1. Technomad

    The income tax was originally intended to only hit what is now called the “one percent” (by which I do not mean outfits like the Sons of Anarchy) and even they hardly felt it.  But the Mad Mullahs of Squandermania found it useful during WWI, and then during WWII, and now we’re stuck with it because Boobus Americanus thinks it’s good to “soak the rich bastards.”

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  2. AlexInCT *

    because Boobus Americanus thinks it’s good to “soak the rich bastards.”

    The travesty is that the democratic party thinks anyone making more than $60K that isn’t part of their inner circle is excessively rich. I was talking to a real lib lawyer friend that hated the high taxes he was made to pay, and when I pointed out the connection between his beliefs and the fact they were taxing him to death in CT, he couldn’t run away fast enough to avoid facing the facts. These people always feel that others are the ones that are excessively rich and when they say they want to soak the rich, they mean anyone richer than them. That the political aristocracy that peddles this nonsense thinks that they are also too rich, never fucking figures into their envy/jealousy calculation. Then they are all pissed when they get reamed too. Fucking idiots.

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  3. RonK

    wouldn’t be bad if they really did soak the ‘rich’, unfortunately for the common folk, the ones that really work, it really hits them.  if they were really concerned about taxing the rich, they would start by treating all income the same, whether you get it from a 9 to 5 job or investing in the stock mark, or for that matter betting on horses(stock market) is about the same.  maybe start by removing deductions from the reach, e.g. you make over 10m you get to use the 1040 ez form, no deductions no exemptions.  none of that will ever fly due politicians being politicians.

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  4. Technomad

    Quite a few <i>Boobus Americanus</i> also seem to think that “the rich” just have huge Scrooge McDuck money bins, where they have gigantic piles of money that they roll around in out of pure selfishness and greed, while “the poor” are busily starving outside.  In reality, “the rich” almost always spend or invest their money, which creates work for everybody…or they <i>would</i> if the Mad Mullahs of Squandermania didn’t think that that money was better used buying more votes, and tax it away.

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