Fuck you Paul Ryan, it is

If you had any doubt that there really isn’t that much of a distinction between the political elites in DC that has driving the pro-Trump revolution, all you need to look at is Paul Ryan’s pittiful appeal to pretend sending money to blue model Puerto Rico isn’t a bail out. Puerto Rico is as blue model as you can get. It’s what the left is all about: spend too much, massive corruption, cronyism, and abuse of power to the max. Now they are downright broke and dying, just like most blue model stats on the continent, think Illinois and soon, California itself, and they are going to DC to ask US tax payers to bail them the fuck out:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) blasted Wall Street investors on Wednesday as he tried to tamp down conservative discontent with a bill to assist Puerto Rico.

The GOP leader charged that “special money interest groups on Wall Street” are trying to sabotage the legislation by billing it as a “bailout.”

Ryan said that the government will be forced to actually bail out the island if Congress fails to act, predicting massive defaults on its bonds.
“Many big-money interest groups on Wall Street know this and have put a lot of money toward sabotaging this legislation in order to force a last-minute bailout upon Puerto Rico, putting U.S. taxpayers on the hook for their bad loans,” his office said in a lengthy statement. “They call this a bailout, because they know it is not. And a bailout is what they want.”

Ryan’s push comes as GOP leaders are trying to pull in enough support from both parties to clear legislation that would impose a fiscal oversight board on Puerto Rico and allow it to restructure some of its debts.

He dismissed “buzzwords and special interest ad campaigns” that describe the package as a bailout, and instead argued the House plan imposes much-needed fiscal rigor on the island while avoiding a messy set of defaults.

What a pile of crock. This is a bailout for a bunch of crooks that ran their protectorate’s economy and finances into the ground, and Paul Ryan blaming Wall Street for pointing that out is about as idiotic as it gets. Congress is starting with this bailout of Puerto Rico for a reason: doing it for Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Michigan or anyone of the other blue states looking at the looming bankruptcy their blue model tax-and-spend, free-for-all, vote-buying scam system first, would leave the tax payers that foot this bill for broken government systems no doubt that this was them bailing out failed blue model states, and then in a way that allows these blue states to keep doing the same stupid shit that got them broke and begging in the first place. No dice.

Fuck a Puerto Rico bailout. Tell them to tighten the belt and deal with the shit that happens. The blue model states on the mainland can then absorb the army of free-loaders that will move there to suck at the government’s teat, and their demise will be hastened as well. We all will win when the vote-buying blue political model implodes and we can do away with this shit, the pain it will cause notwithstanding. The sooner this house of cards collapses, the sooner we can burn down the nanny state.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Tell them to tighten the belt and deal with the shit that happens.

    This would be what the fiscal oversight board would do. I think Ryan is right on this. They’re trying to get PR to restructure its debts which means the banks that stupidly loaned PR money will have to take a bath. The alternative his opponents are pushing for is an outright bailout with US cash paying off PR debts.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    No bailouts period. It needs to burn down to set the example for the others lining up for the US tax payer to save them from their ineptness.

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  3. Technomad

    Damn sin and a shame we didn’t make PR independent when we did Cuba.  That way we could keep the PRs out of the US and their stupid island would be no concern of ours unless they let the Commies come play.


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  4. InsipiD

    I believe that Puerto Rico should have been made a state in the early ’60s when it made sense, because now making it a state would be too hard as they’ve come to depend on constant federal money without federal responsibility.  Representation without taxation or something like that.  How can you fix that?

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