The Anti-Gun Arguments Get Stupider

I’ve been pro-second amendment as long as I can remember. My dad owned guns. Most of the people I knew growing up either owned a gun or hunted. I try to engage the anti-gun arguments but I know I come at it from a bias: it didn’t occur to me until a relatively late age that there were people who wanted to rid our society of guns.

But as Americans continues to stock up on guns and gun violence continues to fall, the arguments of the anti-gun crowd are getting weaker and weaker. Samanatha Bee ran a bit on her show, demonstrating — to our supposed horror — that it’s easier to get a gun than to obtain a NRA mascot costume (although they didn’t actually buy any guns). Charles Cooke:

There are disagreements in politics. And then there is willful stupidity. This, alas, is an example of the latter. “Eddie the Eagle” is a private, trademarked, fictional character owned by an organization that is able to restrict his replication as much as it wishes. Firearms, by contrast, are constitutionally protected goods that cannot be denied to free people without good cause. Of course it is easier to get hold of one than the other. To buy a gun one needs to be of a certain age and to be without a criminal record; to obtain an “Eddie the Eagle” costume one needs to meet whatever conditions the character’s owners have imposed. One might as well ask why it is easier for a person to buy a machete than to take Jennifer Lawrence out for dinner. “But one is nicer than the other; surely that counts for something?!”

You can imagine, of course, how the Left Wing idiots praising Bee’s skit would react if Glenn Beck showed it was easier to get an abortion than to adopt a child. Some things are harder to do than others. This does not convey any kind of social commentary.

It is notable that when Bee finally compares like with like — that is, when both of the products within her comparison are available on the open market — she has to resort to debunked lies. “It turned out the organization that makes it easier to get a gun than Sudafed . . .” Bee claims at one point. This is false. In truth, both guns and Sudafed are regulated in all 50 states when they are purchased from a professional dealer. Moreover, as anybody who has bought both knows, it is infinitely easier to buy Sudafed from a pharmacy than to buy a gun from a dealer, and easier, too, to buy Sudafed from a secondary seller than it is to buy a gun privately.

I haven’t watched Bee’s show because I don’t watch much TV. I liked her on The Daily Show but the clips that show up in my social media are of a piece with this: condescending, incorrect and more smarmy than they are insightful. And liberals seem to love it. She had a recent bit responding to Rubio’s comment that some Democrats support abortion up until birth, saying, “Removing the baby on the due date isn’t an abortion, it’s a cesarean.” No, it isn’t.

The diaspora of Daily Show correspondents has been a mixed bag. John Oliver’s show is pretty good (and tackles issues that are in the libertarian wheelhouse, like asset forfeiture). Colbert’s show is OK. Whitmore’s show is OK at times. Bee’s show, from what little I’ve seen, mainly appeals to liberals who want more sass than fact. The Daily Show itself is struggling. Trevor Noah isn’t a bad host but he lacks Stuarts’ skill in making both sides laugh.

Well … it could be worse. We could be seeing this bullshit from a “real” news organization.

Update: A lot of the anti-gun foolishness these days is a result of desperation. The gun grabbers have lost the argument and keep losing it. Every time someone is hot, they try to milk the tragedy for more gun laws and it simply doesn’t happen.

How desperate are they? Well, the Brady Campaign has gotten shooting Alice in Wonderland in the face desperate.

Update: Oh. Guns are now racist as well.

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  1. Christopher

    Wait, that was the “guns in fairy tales” stuff that the CSGV was complaining about a few weeks ago?  That’s it?  Jesus Christ, I’m going to remember shit like this every time I hear one of them say “I’m not anti-Second Amendment” or “I’m not anti-gun” (not to mention all of their idiotic knee-jerk reactions to LITERALLY EVERYTHING EVER SPOKEN BY SOMEONE FROM THE NRA).  It’s about as credible as anti-vaxxers that claim that they’re not anti-vaccine.  Actions speak louder than words.

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  2. AlexInCT

    The left believes that they will win this argument by degrees by lying that their real objective isn’t too disarm us all and then piecemeal move us to that objective. They use this tactic on everything they do: you lie about your objective until you achieve it

    I have talked with some very intelligent people on the left that totally turn into emotional morons when this subject comes up. I have come to believe that they tend to be people that are mortally afraid of firearms, and because they don’t want to own one, they want to make sure nobody else does either, practically every one of them when you get them in a candid moment, admitting that it is because they can’t get rid of the feeling that their choice leaves them at some kind of disadvantage. Pointing out that criminals will still own firearms regardless of the laws, gets you nowhere with them either. There is no rational thinking about this.

    Of course the tyrants that form the political left love the idiots that fear firearms, because these are the people they count on to disarm the serfs. Nothing is more dangerous to a leftist politician than people that can tell him to fuck off and respond back with force of their own when the leftist tyrants retaliate for the serf daring to be uppity.

    Once the second amendment is gone, the constitution is just a piece of paper, and the people basically end up at the mercy of the tyrant in charge.

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