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  1. AlexInCT

    I was at that airport not even 4 weeks ago, and the place was constantly patrolled by armed soldiers that looked at everyone. It was immediately obvious to me that they had intel something was brewing because these guys were not doing the usual chit-chatting and paying careful attention to the usual suspects.

    Guess after they captured the Paris mastermind, most of these cells figured they better go now before the bastard rats them out….

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    That’s my thinking, too.  That they decided to act before the Belgian swept them all up.  Still, Abdeslam is out of circulation and will hopefully give up some useful information.

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  3. blameme

    Well, I guess we can’t have nice things. I was hoping via our conversations on the voter ID topic, that if we all agree to try to really debate in earnest, that at least here we could have better debate even if our political parties fail us. I thought you agreed, but it seems trolling is too hard for you to resist.

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  4. CM

    I acknowledge that it was a trolling comment, but importantly (in my view) it was not aimed at any particular person, and it wasn’t designed to derail a continuing discussion (because there isn’t one). We can still have nice things.


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  5. InsipiD

    CM, you dropped a deuce in the swimming pool, and now you don’t even see the problem with it?  SMH.

    Before this happened, anyone who said that it was likely, including Donald Trump, was called a racist.  Now that it has happened, I expect the news to quickly switch to “backlash” stories.  The more the Muslims show that they won’t fit in the more determined the brainless are to force the rest of us to take them in.  If Syrians want to fight Western Civilization, make them do it from Syria.

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  6. AlexInCT

    I think CM is talking about the fact that after Obama lost Iraq, he has now sent over 5000 troops there and told no one he has done that. That’s the Iraqi invasion you are talking about, right?

    Or is it the one Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were so adamant we needed back when, and Hillary even voted for, only to then constantly lie about not being for, that you think needs repeating?

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