Stupor Tuesday

So more primaries yesterday. Clinton won at least four. As of this morning, she’s also leading in Missouri but it’s too close to call for sure. Kasich won Ohio, but Trump won three states, including Florida and is currently 0.2% ahead in Missouri. Depending on how the delegates shake out, Trump could be on the path to a clear majority in the delegates, which would give him the nomination outright. Projections now have him at 691, just a shade below the 700 he needs to be on track for majority.

After losing Florida, Rubio dropped out and gave a speech that was a reminder of why he was the candidate the Democrats feared most. With Rubio out, Cruz is now the clear NotTrump. But it may be too little, too late. Rubio and Kasich split off enough of the vote for Trump to win several states. Unless Cruz really starts surging, it won’t make a difference.

It’s not over yet. Arizona and Utah are next. Arizona is a closed primary and Trump had not done as well in closed primaries. Utah is a caucus and Trump’s support among Mormons is very low. You then have a bunch of contests stretching into May, including New York (where Trump should clean up) and Pennsylvania (a closed winner-take all primary). But, if Cruz starts winning some states, I suspect this will go down to California with its closed winner-take all 172 delegates on June 7. That will be the final battleground to stop Trump.

So yeah, we may have another three months of this. And then, maybe, another two months while we slug out the convention. Of course, even then, Trump will probably still have a plurality of delegates. And if he’s denied the nomination, it could get ugly.

Hold on to your britches, folks. It’s not over yet.


One of the many reasons Trump is winning? This one.

Expect the media to turn on Trump once he’s the nominee. It’s all about electing Clinton. Always has been.

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  1. repmom

    Since it has remained quiet here all day, I will take advantage, if you will indulge me a few moments. I want to thank the 46% of Florida Republicans who handed all 99 of their delegate votes to Donald Trump last night for destroying the last bit of hope I had in having my faith in my party restored, and destroying the last bit of hope I had for the possibility of a major turn in the direction of this primary election.

    I want to thank Jeb Bush for — after bailing out himself — offering his support to his fellow statesman. Oh wait….he didn’t. In my eyes, Jeb, you’re a disgrace to the family name.

    Ted Cruz — you are a sleazy slime ball, and I sleep well at night knowing that I did not cast my Texas vote for you, though I realize it is a possibility that I will be forced to in November.

    For the networks who gave — and will continue to give — Donald Trump non-stop free air-time — up yours.

    As far as the next three months, I plan to work very hard at ignoring all of it. I will focus my attention instead to grandkids, reading, and writing. For now, the world of fiction is much more appealing to me than the real world of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz.

    Keep it going, guys. And try to keep it at least somewhat civil.

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  2. trade_pro

    Well good thing Trump signed that RNC affirmation letter. Just think of how much some people would be mf’ing him if he didn’t.
    Hypocrites all of them….anyone who made a big deal out of it. Of course Im speaking of Stu Stevens, former Romney advisor and not trumper,…any implication to anyone else is only in their head. I would never make it personal but remind me to never to make a contract with you as all credibility is gone.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    Sorry to hear that, Repmom. It’s been good having you around here again. But I understand how you feel.  This is going to be the most depressing election of my lifetime.

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