It’s Garland

Obama has announced his SCOTUS nominee: Merrick Garland.

I think the GOP would be wise to consider the nomination. They don’t have to accept it. They are well within their prerogative to reject it. But I think it should be considered.

For me, I would not support Merrick. He’s yet another product of the Harvard-Yale axis. Yet another nominee who has no experience in criminal defense (he’s been a career prosecutor). He’s yet another nominee who defers to the government and to law enforcement rather than defend our civil liberties. He also opposed Heller.

I won’t form a final opinion just yet. But my initial response is negative. I expect the GOP will like the things I dislike about him.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Garland is a lib first and a statist second. Government power uber alles. My use of German in that previous sentence was to point out something obvious coming our way.

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  2. Christopher

    I think I’m in Ilya Somin’s camp on this one.  I don’t see much reason to think that we’re likely to witness a better nomination anytime soon (especially if we wait for the presidency of either Trump or Clinton).  It’ll probably get even worse.  I would love for Alex Kozinski to be nominated, but I doubt anyone will be nominating him anytime soon.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    Kozinski would be my top choice.  I agree we will probably get worse if Hillary is elected. Elections have consequences. Nominating orange-colored idiots has consequences.

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  4. Balthazar

    You know I dont post much, because normally all i have to say is fuck you CM. But really, Fuck you CM your adding nothing to this you usless fucking douche. Let the adults talk, its why i dont say much. Maybe you could learn something from me.

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  5. CM

    Making a Nazi reference in relation to Garland isn’t “talking like an adult”. Not remotely. And my last comment SHOULD be a joke but unfortunately it’s just as likely to be true. Blame the sort of people you support and the environment they create for that. I’m sure you won’t though. Rinse and repeat.

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