Nancy Reagan, RIP

I’ll take a brief look in from my vacation to note that Nancy Reagan passed away yesterday. It was not a sad thing. She lived to be 94 and had an amazing life. As First Lady, she had both class and poise. She urged Reagan to respond to the AIDS crisis and welcomed anyone into the party and into the White House. She did a sterling job of preserving her husband’s legacy. When Reagan passed away, I drove down to DC for the viewing and it was a everything you would have expected: solemn, but at the same time uplifting.


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  1. InsipiD

    She was an interesting and complicated lady. ┬áHer husband was a public figure, but I get the feeling that we don’t know 20% about her.

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  2. repmom

    There was a time I didn’t care much for her, perhaps influenced by my die-hard democrat parents. But over the years I grew to have the utmost respect for Nancy Reagan.

    May she rest in peace along side the love of her life.

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