The Window Is Closing

A couple weeks ago after tennis we were all chatting up the election and one of my very liberal friends brought up Michael Bloomberg in the context of ,”I can’t vote for Hillary, don’t trust her, but Bloomberg would be OK as a third party alternative”. It got me thinking about the possibility. Yeah, another NY liberal in the mix, hardly an alternative to the current fair, until you look a bit closer. What separates Bloomberg from the other 2 morally challenged conmen? Bloomberg has actually accomplished things on his own. Not like Trump, who’s daddy gave him a few million then said go play, not like Hillary who has gotten everything handed to her riding on her husband’s coattails, Bloomberg is a true American success story. He has built companies in numerous fields and he actually ran a municipality , New York City, not exactly Wasilla Alaska.

Scratch that one off the books;

Mike Bloomberg is unlikely to run for president as an independent if Hillary Clinton looms as the Democratic Party nominee, sources said Tuesday.

The former mayor has been considering jumping into the race, but “the likelier path is if Bernie Sanders was the Democratic nominee,” a Bloomberg insider said.

“[Bloomberg] doesn’t want to take votes from her and make Donald Trump president”.

Too bad, but I wonder which candidate would be hurt more. This also assumes that voters must choose either Trump or Hillary, but they always leave out the third option, just staying home on election day.

Bloomberg is not a conservative, but really, that option is long gone. Right now I would settle for someone with a little integrity, someone that is not a liar, someone that understands the American dream of success, earned it on his own, someone that is not an ideologue and can work well with others, someone who gets American Exceptionalism and would work to restoring it’s fertile fields so others can partake of that success.

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    I think the idea of Trump as the nominee is so distasteful, so repugnant to Romney (as it is to me) and this is his attempt to knock some sense into the voters while there is still time, and there is considering that many of the next state contests are winner take all. A brokered convention would be good theater but it would certainly be the end of the GOP as a viable political party, not saying that would necessarily be a bad thing either. I don’t think Romney sees himself as the white knight saving the day, but only as a messenger to rally the folks into not doing something really stupid, probably too late anyway.

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  2. ilovecress

    But are there any Trump supporters, who think:

    “Well I guess if Mitt Romney doesn’t like him, I shouldn’t support him.”

    I think this only helps Trump to be honest.

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  3. Starving Writer

    I’m pretty sure the thought process of most Trump supporters go like this:


    “Mitt Romney lost to Obama!  LOOOOSSSSEEEEERRRRR!”


    “Eww, he’s a Mormon!  That’s, like, almost a Muslim!  Terrorist scum!”

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  4. InsipiD

    I find the idea of Bloomberg being president just repulsive.  Look at all the meddling that he did while NYC was (and is) rapidly swirling back down and losing all the good that Giuliani fought into it.

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