Super Tuesday Thread

So far, so bad. Right now, CNN projects:

Trump to win Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

Clinton to win Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.

Sanders to win Vermont and Oklahoma.

Cruz to win Texas and possibly Oklahoma.

Rubio has yet to win a state and is doing poorer than hoped.

With tonight’s wins, Clinton has basically won the nomination. But Sanders is pulling enough support that she will probably continue to move left.

We’ll see what the delegate counts look like in the morning, but Trump will clearly have a plurality, possibly enough, given his national polling numbers, to end this thing over the next two weeks as “winner-take-all” states vote.

So, yeah, we’re staring down an election between a Washington insider leaning as far Left a she can and the insider “businessman” who has supported her for years.

Update: Tomorrow I will be taking the Betas to Disney World for a week. This political season has been intense and it’s barely March. So unless Donald Trump reveals himself to be a lizard person, I will not be blogging for the next week. I need the time away. Hopefully, my co-bloggers will have plenty to say.

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  1. WVRSpence

    Well at least maybe now Fox News will stop saying that Rubio is “tied for second”-at last place.

    This has been a very good night for Trump, no doubt about it, but at least he’s earned his delegates. Hillary’s wins were expected.


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  2. repmom


    So, yeah, we’re staring down an election between a Washington insider leaning as far Left a she can and the insider “businessman” who has supported her for years.

    And no “conservative” supporting that “businessman” seems to give a damn.

    I am so overwhelmed with what people, several of own friends included, have no problem forgiving or overlooking, while, at the same time, turning against someone they supported simply because they didn’t approve of a joke he told. WTF, people?

    Makes me want to bang my head against the desk. If only that would help.

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  3. WVRSpence

    I liked Trump’s speech and Q&A with the press. Christie looked weird standing there. Ted Cruz was too negative and Rubio’s CPU threatened to overheat.

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  4. richtaylor365

    That Vox link was interesting, but not because of Christie’s facial expression (how dopey, oh, and did you read Meg Whitman’s critique of Christie’s support?). That video at the end ,”GOP Broken”, was good, but the Democratic Party ain’t doing much better;

    “The Establishment” is the target, and rightly so considering how both sides have let us down.

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  5. richtaylor365

    Tomorrow I will be taking the Betas to Disney World for a week

    I read just last week that Disney is again raising admission prices through the roof, bring numerous bags of gold. They should change the Mickey logo to him wearing a robber mask, gun in one hand,the other outstretched hand palm up.

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  6. CM

    …the Democratic Party ain’t doing much better;

    I was chatting about that with someone earlier. Fascinating. One theory could be that they’re doing it cynically to ensure Trump wins the nomination as they’re sure he’d lose to Clinton, but that would presumably need some co-ordination and none is evident.

    I’m looking to take the kids to Disneyland next year (among other places) but I need to figure out what will be open when – it seems a large chunk is being closed and retooled to be Star Wars Land?

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  7. CM

    It seems a little weird to me that Hillary is taking more than 80% of the black vote considering Bernie’s strong 50 year history of civil rights campaigning.

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  8. ilovecress

    A couple of things – mainly that Hillary got out and courted the Black vote really early, and she’s still associated with the 90’s minority economic boom. Also – Sanders has regularly opposed Obama, which hasn’t played well. His messaging hasn’t played directly to the needs of minority voters – his ‘we need a revolution from Wall Street’ message doesn’t resonate with people who want to hear that Cops are going to wear cameras and are going to stop shooting them.

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  9. CM

    Yes I think you’re right – Hillary specifically targets the black vote, whereas Bernie doesn’t (I’m sure he’s been told to, but he’s decided that it’s not the right thing to do). I guess Bernie’s approach is to make things better for all, rather than targeting specific groups.

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