Rubio and Cruz Go After Trump

So last night’s debate was … something else. Rubio and Cruz both came out swinging, hitting Donald Trump at every turn on his support for Democrats, his lack of policy detail, his shady business dealings and his refusal to release his tax returns. Trump got the most flustered I’ve ever seen him and hit back, but futilely. His attempt to hit Rubio on the latter’s meltdown at a previous debate backfired when Rubio pointed out that Trump repeats himself all the time. It was like watching a WWE match with Trump playing the heel and Cruz and Rubio taking turns whacking him with folding chairs. For someone who despises Trump, it was beautiful.

(Although the line of the night went to Ben Carson. Carson, even more than Kasich, was sidelined by the Rubio-Cruz-Trump show, going something like half an hour between speaking. Blitzer lost control of the debate, letting the three front-runners constantly demand a chance to respond to attacks. This promoted Carson to quip, “Can someone please attack me?”)

This is what the candidates should have been doing for months. It’s what the Democrats will do should Trump be the nominee. It may be too little, too late. It probably won’t peel voters off of Trump, who seem immune to any failing on his part. But at least if Rubio and Cruz go out, they went out on their shields.

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  1. WVRSpence

    It was certainly more lively than the last debates, with both Rubio and Cruz, whom I’m not necessarily fond of, getting in some good points on policy and substance. And Kasich, when he was allowed to speak. Rubio was a lot more aggressive but kind of overdid it, while Cruz got too hung up on Trump’s tax returns.

    Trump was at his best when he was in fighting mode, not so good when he was in talking points mode when he would make vague generalities and campaign promises.  I felt kind of sorry for Carson, but when he spoke it was like verbal valium. It’s time for him to bail out.

    Overall, it was more of a night for Rubio and Cruz with Trump coming in second. But it probably won’t hurt him come next Tuesday.

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  2. repmom

    I was pleased when Christie dropped out of the race. I’ve never had any use for the man. And now he returns in the most disgusting way. Ugh.

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