If only they had applied this level of scrutiny to..

Maybe, the presidential aspirations of the unqualified Obama candidate, their positive analysis of that terrible monster referred to as Obamacare, or the criminal activities of Mrs. Clinton and company as they did to their attempt to undermine that moron Sanders’ idiotic and ludicrous claims, we wouldn’t be here as a country today.

Seriously, these leftists are shameless. The NYT has abandoned all objectivity to shill for their boss Hillary, and the fact that not just Hillary, but the neanderthals that comprise the voter base for the democratic party, believe most of the same shit as crazy Sanders, seems to escape them. Of course it will also escape the idiots that keep pretending the problem with socialism is that we have not put the right people in charge yet or gone far enough down the road to emulating the socialist greats such as USSR, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela. Bernie’s promise of a free-for-all ar not viable, but those from Shillary or other criminals in the democratic party will work!

We are being sold out by our media to crooks and villains, and the sad thing is too many people are just cool with it as long as they get to believe that they somehow are picking people that will stick it to those they are jealous and envious of. How sad.

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  1. WVRSpence

    Meanwhile, on the GOP side, you have some serious talk of a brokered convention, of somehow having Mitt Romney as the establishment’s white knight. The stupidity runs deep on both sides.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    The stupidity runs deep on both sides.

    No argument from me on that, WVRSpence. What a sad country we have become.

    The republican establishment is up in arms because Trump is basically the result of the serfs rebelling and saying they no longer believe the republican elite are not in bed with the democrats and fine with letting them fuck us all over as long as the democrats give them some of the scraps from the democrats ripping us all off.

    Things are going to keep going in the same direction: from bad to worse.

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