War of the Memes

This piece of crap has been spreading through my Facebook and Twitter feeds like a particularly aggressive form of gonorrhea.


There’s a lot wrong here. First of all, Clinton raised taxes on everyone, not just the rich. Second, the Clinton economy was a product of Republican budget control, NAFTA (passed with Republican help) and the .com boom (enabled by lots of deregulation). Third, Bush cut taxes for everyone. But a spendthrift administration, a real estate bubble and horrible monetary policy from the Fed wrecked the economy anyway. Sorry, liberals, it’s just not that simple.

But, hey. Two can play this mindless meme game. Here’s mine. And it has the advantage of being a little more grounded in reality (click to embiggen).


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  1. Dr. Bill

    I know all about that Clinton 1% crap..Back then, I was a one wage earner family of four  – $400.00 per week / $225.00 bring home net after taxes and $65.00 per week health insurance / my children were reduced lunch prices (one year for free). Yet, lo and behold, my tax withholding increased. I was overjoyed to be part of the “richest” 1% !

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