Refreshing The Mrs.

Superbowl 50 comes to my backyard this Sunday, I predict it will be the highest rated/most watched Superbowl in history, it’s on the record. Lady Gaga is singing the National Anthem, ought to be epic.

It should surprise no one that for rabid football fans, it is not often (sometimes never, hey Santino? sorry) that your team, the object of your loyalty/obsession/passion, wins the championship. So when it does, nothing says ,”We’re Number One!!!” like given the wife (or whoever is handy) a flurry;

Cute commercial.

For anyone so inclined, you can use this post for any predictions or nuggets of wisdom.

I am torn over this one. I hate the Broncos (second only to the Cowboys) but this will be Peyton’s last game, win or lose. He deserves another ring just for his complete body of work. But Carolina has had a magical season, led by the ultimate prototype at QB. Netwon, the only real candidate for MVP, right now is the most potent most feared player in the NFL, and he knows it. I like Carolina, and am picking them to win by 14 on Sunday because they are flat out a better team. But we have seen strange things happen at Superbowls (like throwing a stupid pass instead of giving it to Marshawn Lynch);

So, who ya got this Sunday?

Oh, and bonus points if you can reference the title.

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  1. Santino

    In my 44 years I’ve only seen one of my teams in any sport win a championship (92 and 93).  It’s why I love sports, there’s always next year.  I have enjoyed some memorable international victories (82 World Cup, the rise and fall of Ben Johnson in 88, Donovan Bailey and the 4×100 team in 96, Gold Medal in Salt Lake City in 2002…).

    I really want Manning to win one more, just to shut everyone up about his legacy.  It’s pretty damn hard to just get to the Super Bowl let alone win it.  To me, he doesn’t need it to justify his career.  But it would be nice to see him go out on top.  I have a sneaking feeling Cam will be back.

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  2. InsipiD

    This Tennessee fan hasn’t forgotten about Peyton.  I also have not forgotten about Cash Newton.  Seeing Denver win would also take me back to the early 90s.  Make it so!

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  3. blameme

    Pulling for Cam Newton. The dude does more things behind the scenes than most know about. As far as if he got paid in college, the NCAA stayed at Auburn for over a year and found zero issues – that never happens.

    But, if he was paid, does anyone honestly think that their own teams don’t have players that get paid? It’s a multi-billion dollar business. They are ALL getting paid. Especially in the SEC. Trust me, they are all getting something on the side. I’ve seen it.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    I see Cam Newton just went full pussy, failing to jump on his own fumble while the game was still winnable, he has some splaining to do.

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  5. InsipiD

    Wahoo!  Atoadaso!

    I see Cam Newton just went full pussy, failing to jump on his own fumble while the game was still winnable, he has some splaining to do.

    Below his pay grade.


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