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  1. AlexInCT *

    With the way the top brass at the pentagon has been politicized over the last 7 years CM, that would be an even bigger bonus for this country.

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  2. richtaylor365

    CM, my bullshit meter went off the charts reading your link. We are to believe that commanders who served under this pretender-in-chief, the guy who threw away all the gains made in Iraq, the guy that micromanages the shit out of simple military operationsthe guy who draws phony red lines with our enemies, the guy who can’t even say “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, the guy who wouldn’t know the Constitution if he rolled it up, put it in his bong and smoked it, that these same commanders would have a problem with Trump? Ridiculous.

    Oh, and nice touch, comparing Trump to Hitler, now there is some cutting edge objective journalism.


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  3. CM

    Perhaps they think your narrative is bullshit. That you can’t even conceive of different opinions leads you to these conclusions (of ‘ridiculous’) quite often I notice.

    The comparison to Hitler was made in a tweet by someone else. I certainly wouldn’t have gone there, but there is no doubt that he’s an big ol’ authoritarian.

    Anyway, wouldn’t the federal workers who resign just be replaced?

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  4. Hal_10000

    I call BS.  No federal workers is going to throw away that kind of pay and benefits.  This will be like the people who were going to flee to Canada if Bush was elected.

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  5. richtaylor365

    Perhaps they think your narrative is bullshit

    Except that my “narrative” is not really narrative at all, it’s history, stuff that Obama actually did,  as opposed to whispers  by unnamed sources in a hallway, nice projection though.

     That you can’t even conceive of different opinions leads 

    I can “conceive” all kinds of crazy stuff, stuff that you write for instance, does not make it right, reasonable, or even plausible, like your link.

    The comparison to Hitler was made in a tweet by someone else.

    And the author included that tweet in his post, so inferences can be made that he agrees with it, shame on him, and shame on you for excusing it.

    but there is no doubt that he’s an big ol’ authoritarian

    Like the guy we have now? But yeah, some unnamed commanders can countenance one authoritarian but not another.


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  6. CM

    Of course it’s your narrative. You’re hardly going to put your ODS aside and assess any of it rationally. So unsurprisingly you can’t for the life of you work out how they could possibly think that about Trump. It naturally follows.
    What have I written that is crazy? Be specific. Otherwise it’s yet more meaningless accusations. But again, someone can’t just have a different opinion, it must just be ‘crazy’.
    There is no indication he agrees with it, now you’re just making shit up. Anyway, pick another source without a Hitler quote if you like. The quote isn’t relevant. But then you know that.
    As I say perhaps they don’t consider Obama to be an authoritarian. Most of the examples in your narrative aren’t “authoritarian”, more like the opposite.
    I’m still trying to find the argument for how he threw away gains in Iraq. I mean the one that makes logical sense and doesn’t involve shafing Iraqi democracy. Any ideas Rich?

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  7. Santino

    But again, someone can’t just have a different opinion, it must just be ‘crazy’.

    Or binary, or anti-science, or ideology, or ODS, or extremism, or…

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  8. Santino

    Yes, that’s my take.  I know some people have the theory that players are more willing to walk away from the game because of concussions.  Personally I think it’s because the Lions are a sad sack organization.  Right up there with the Leafs.

    I assume you’re enjoying the ride that is the Warriors this year.  Can’t wait for a 7-game conference final between Golden State and San Antonio.

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  9. richtaylor365

    Yeah, Megatron and Gronk get hit more than anyone so it probably is a concussion thing, but crickey, Johnson is still top 5 receiver in the league.

    There is much hand wringing wrt the Warriors here in the Bay Area. Do they go for the record of 72 wins or coast (like what the Spurs do every year) and save themselves for the playoffs? The players (young and don’t know any better) want the record. Curry and Thompson are arguably the best backcourt in NBA history. I’m old enough to remember watching Walt Frazier play with Earl Monroe, that is the gold standard for me.

    And we got the Superbowl here this Sunday. Much speculation in the media lately as to whether Chip Kelly can rehabilitate Kapernick, tall order.

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  10. Santino

    How much of the 49ers downfall had to do with Harbaugh leaving?  I know they lost quite a few players.  Harbaugh turned around Michigan a lot sooner than I thought.  It was nice to see a solid defensive team.  They’ll need his QB acumen next season.

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