Call Me Mr. Frumpy

I know, another Trump post, I can’t help myself, he brings out the worse in me.

No doubt everyone has heard that Trump is skipping tomorrow night’s presidential debate because he is not up to tangling with a woman. He did not like Megyn Kelly in the last Fox sponsored debate asking him about his past comments denigrating women. Instead of answering the question like an adult he went on a jihad, both at the debate and later in the media, attacking Kelly, trying to get her suspended and fired. Not one to ever ever take the high road, he has continued slamming both Kelly and Foxnews as not being fair to him, even though Trump has more air time on Foxnews than all other candidates combined.

Here is my dilemma. In the last 40 years I have never sat out a presidential election. There has always been a candidate who was closer (sometimes marginally) to my political ideology then his opponent so it made sense for me to go to the polls and do my part. Dole, both Bush’s, Mccain and Romney, none gave me everything I wanted but all gave me a bit more than the other guy. And before yesterday I felt that I could hold my nose, admit that Trump was not even close to conservative, was arrogant/petulant/prone to allowing emotion over reason/not sufficiently versed in the mechanics of government, but could still pull the lever on him given the alternative. But given this last bit caviling, I am prepared to sit this one out.

I know the argument, staying home is a vote for Hillary, that is not motivating me. What is the real difference between Trump and Hillary anyway? Give me some actual policy differences. Yeah, yeah, it’s all about immigration. but here is the deal, all of Trump’s bold immigration moves require the approval of Congress and they are not going to stand idly by and allow Trump to deport 12 million illegals already here or ban ALL Muslims from entering the country, ain’t gonna happen.

So what else does he have? His “hire smart people” went right out the window for me with Katrina Pierson.

What I wanted from Trump was just a little humility, something that showed me he had the maturity and level headedness to be president. He could have deflected the Kelly thing so easily and turned it to his favor. Same thing with the National Review article, a better man could have addressed this, could have won them over. He needs them to win the election, he needs folks like me, he needs all those GOP voters that stayed home and did not support Romney, he needs the independents, but he is just too arrogant to unify or to be a conciliator.

Yeah, it’s early and he may yet become something that he is now not. But I doubt it.

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  1. trade_pro

    I suggest you rewatch the first 5 to 10 minutes of the last debate with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly.  I did just to confirm my memory of the debate.  First 2 questions were aimed directly at Trump like a torpedo.

    Raise your hand if you will not sign a pledge to not run as a 3rd party candidate.  They knew he was the only one that wouldn’t sign at the time.  They made a spectacle of it.  They could have asked him directly but made a point to single him out.

    You have been know for calling women names.  Why are you a misogynist?  Yes, this is not verbatim but it was the general gist of the question.

    I did not see anyone else get questions intentionally put in such a way to make them look bad out of the gate.  That night, I remember watching and telling my wife, “Wow, they are really targeting Trump.”

    I watch Fox News, especially The Five and Bret Baier almost everyday.  I had said prior to that debate that Fox were open Bush supporters.

    On a side note, from what I’vs read, there is more to this story, such as, planted questions, and contact before the debate was less than friendly on either side.  This could be BS so I merely point it out…the above info is enough for me to not question him sitting out.


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  2. repmom

    I share these same sentiments as you, Rich. And when I see posts on Facebook today cheering the man on for this foolish, childish behavior, and giving instructions on how to effectively boycott Fox News, I have to shake my head in wonder. And disappointment.

    Will I stay home rather than choose between Trump and Hillary? I don’t know. It’s too depressing to think about right now. But probably not. And as you say, it’s early yet.

    I hope to see a good, strong debate tomorrow with the adults. Go Cruz.

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  3. Hal_10000

    There have been pointed questions asked of all the candidates.  Somehow, this was the only that provoked a boycott response.  How is Trump going to stand up to Putin when he can’t stand up to Megyn Kelly?

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  4. CM

    I’m still not ruling out the possibility that Trump is trying to find ways to sabotage his campaign because he doesn’t actually want to be POTUS. So far his efforts have back-fired. But, if this is correct, how far would be prepared to go to damage his brand? How far would his ego allow him to go?

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    trade_pro, I’m curious as to how you think those two first questions were “torpedoes”.  Trump was the only candidate that had publicly brought up the possibility of running third party and as for denigrating women, he had a history of that as well so how is asking him about both unfair?

    I watch Fox News, especially The Five and Bret Baier almost everyday.  I had said prior to that debate that Fox were open Bush supporters.

    Krauthammer does not like Trump, but everyone else on both shows, including Juan Williams, gives Trump a fair shake. I guess you don’t watch O’Reilly or Hannity, Trump is on both every other night, O’Reilly challenges him but Hannity takes him off leash and lets him go. He gets more coverage from Foxnews then anywhere else.

    And since you are a Trump supporter, weigh in on the question I posed in my post, Trump vs. Hillary, what’s the difference?


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  6. WVRSpence

    This may be what has happened. Trump started his campaign as a publicity stunt, then it became a real thing and now he can’t control it. I think he wants Cruz to be the nominee but the establishment doesn’t like Ted either. So what does The Donald do? Maybe he really should shoot someone.


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  7. CM

    It’s a distinct possibility. He probably didn’t consider the possibility that he’d get this far. He was just happy to spend the money to be part of it.

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  8. repmom

    How amusing is it that Trump complains of ill treatment by Fox News while getting major air time on Fox News (O’Reilly and possibly Hannity later tonight). Meanwhile, his supporters – at least some of them – are working hard to bring Fox News down by pushing for a boycott of the network that allows him prime time air time.

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  9. trade_pro


    Trump saw the writing on the wall—The GOP wanted Jeb.  I think I can say that the people did not.  Trump knew if he didn’t say something he was going to be thrown to the wolves by the GOP and so he didn’t take the pledge until he was sure the GOP was going to support him if he was in the lead.

    Bret Baier is usually pretty fair but I think he was being “unfair” at the beginning of the debate for the first question.  By “unfair” for an example, why didn’t they say, “By a show of hands, who will cut the military spending?”  Rand Paul would have been probably the only one to raise their hand.  Why didn’t they say, “Who supports amnesty in any way for illegals, by a show of hands?”  Hmmmm, Bush, and Rubio plus some others would need to be singled out.

    Megyn Kelly phrased that question in a leading fashion.  I have no problem with asking questions about anything but I do not want moderators attacking candidates unless you do it across the board.(Did you watch the last Dem debate with Chris Cuomo…Hillary what’s your favorite color and why?  Sanders…So you are going to raise taxes?  This is what I’m talking about.)  That night, she did not do that, she attacked only Trump in that way.  Maybe you saw it differently, but as I said the night of I was shocked at the attack.

    Prior to the debate on The Five, Eric Bolling and Juan Williams were the only 2 that were neutral. Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld and Kim Guifoyle were definitely against Trump.  All 4 “conservatives” were also favorable to Jeb.    Yes, Krauthammer hates Trump.  We might not agree but I know what I saw.

    I rarely watch Hannity or O’Reilly but I would figure he gets plenty of airtime there.


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  10. richtaylor365 *

    A very reasonable comment, trade_pro, just a few things;

    The GOP wanted Jeb.  I think I can say that the people did not.

    Trump does not give a shit about the GOP establishment, that’s what people like about him, he does not need their backing or their money to get the nomination since he does have the people. But the people want to know if he is going to pull an end run around the whole process and run third party if he does not get his way. That question was perfectly reasonable. And that other stuff, cutting the military budget and immigration, both have been covered in detail from all candidates exposing their weaknesses on these topics. Or is your beef that the third party question was the first question?

    No, I did not watch the Dem debate but it is clear that Sanders does not want to win, otherwise he would be slamming Hillary on her deficient resume, her hypocrisy with women’s issues, and her duplicity with the email scandal.

    Last night on OReilly he had Trump on for like 20 minutes, you should youtube that interview. It was scary because almost all of the issues I raised in my post OReilly brought up. Maybe Trump is the genius everyone tells me he is and this won’t hurt him but I stand by my prediction that unless he changes his ways big time, he will get slaughtered in the general. He is going to need folks like me and right now he does not have my support.


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  11. trade_pro

    Here is a simple list of things I actually care about that they differ:

    Govt. interference, Crime, Guns, Obamacare, Carbon control/Green Energy subsidies, Fiscal Stimulus, Immigration, SS reform, Quotas(hiring), PC crap, and military spending.

    The also differ on abortion(maybe) and same sex marriage. Without the above list, these won’t matter.

    I believe we need a leader who is looking at our economy and fixing it.   I think we need a businessman to solve these problems, not someone who has never held a job in their lives, other than career politician or attorney.

    The guy I want for President doesn’t want to be President.

    We need a Solomon, fast.

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  12. trade_pro

    Sorry I did the thing in 2 parts because it was long…so now part 3.

    My beef is that the question was the only one held in that way(raising hands).  In my opinion, it was an attack.  Maybe others saw it differently.  How about the next question being who will under no circumstances allow illegals to stay here?  Now…raise your hand.  I know you said Immigration…that you are tired of that argument.  Keep in mind we are talking about the debate in the past so I think this makes it fair game.

    I didn’t see him on O’Reilly but I will look for it.

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  13. trade_pro

    I didn’t see anything bad.  Seemed like a typical Trump interview.

    O’Reilly even said he wouldn’t have asked the question that way which I would say proves my point.

    I don’t like the agreement thing at the end but O’Reilly never really asked a question there but it was obvious where he was going.

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  14. richtaylor365 *

    Here is what I hope for tonight, the first question to all ,”One minute each, do you think Donald Trump is a pussy for not showing up tonight, and why”, then for the rest of the night I do not want to hear his name uttered once.

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  15. trade_pro

    Rich first off, I think we should be commended for a rational and respectful debate.  No one called someone a name as I have seen here in the past.  Yes it’s funny sometimes but if mutual respect is shown, I think its better overall.

    Second, be prepared.  I’m pretty sure these guys will try to not mention Trump but it won’t work out that way.

    Finally, you are wrong; I am correct.

    just kidding


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