Out Comes The Long Knives

This week has not been good for Donald Trump. Yeah, I know he still leads in the polls, still commands large audiences at his rallies and still controls the narrative, so far. On Thursday the National Review came out with their “Conservatives Against Trump” issue, 22 of their leading authors, a veritable who’s who of the nation’s top conservative political thinkers, all came out with one voice in calling out Trump as not conservative, not qualified to lead the nation, and not the guy many on the right think he is. You can read it here. All are short, concise and laser like in exposing the man behind the curtain (you can skip Glenn Beck, he is certifiable, but the rest are all interesting reads).

Then yesterday a Super Pac came out with this;

Straight from the horses mouth.

The last few days my head has been spinning. The usual right leaning sites I frequent have been populated by Trump supporters, folks who will defend him no matter what based mostly on the fact that he is not a politician and stands for the big eff you to the establishment. The NR piece was met with ,”We are not supposed to eat our own”, “That was then, Trump has evolved”, “He is not part of the establishment, he will shake things up?”, and my favorite ,”Those NR types are part of the problem, they are the establishment”, even though they are not funded by K St., provide conservative commentary, and have endorsed no other candidates.

Now this video comes out, and if anything it has “hardened Pharaoh’s heart”, it has increased their stridency and made them dig in their heels deeper. Loyalty is a wonderful thing, but loyalty should be questioned if what you are loyal to is not what you thought it was.

There are some issues, namely; the 2nd Amendment, partial birth abortion, eminent domain, prohibitive/onerous taxation, federal land management , that are beyond evolving, are immutable on the face, and can’t be compromised by any lover of liberty.

Given Trump’s high unfavorability rating and the fact many Republican voters will not support Trump and stay home (low GOP voter turnout doomed Romney) I have to conclude that Trump can not win in November. Sure, he can win the nomination, and since we don’t know who he will be running against (still waiting for the criminal indictment for Hillary) it could be close. But I’m betting it won’t be. I know we have some Trump supporters here, where am I going wrong?

Trump is a lot like Obama, both narcissistic to the point of nausea, and both haven’t a clue on how the government works.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Trump is a lot like Obama, both narcissistic to the point of nausea, and both haven’t a clue on how the government works.

    That comparison hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks, Rich.  I think you hit on exactly why I don’t like Trump.

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  2. WVRSpence

    At this point, it might as well be Ted Cruz for the nomination. He’s a narcissistic asshole, too, but he at least knows how the government works, or is supposed to.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens if Michael Bloomberg enters the running, as it looks like Rubio’s campaign is starting to fold.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    One of Trump’s favorite lines is that Washington is full of stupid people and he will hire smart people to make America great again. Is this what he is talking about;


    Real Clear Politics has Trump loosing to Sanders, how is that even possible?


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  4. AlexInCT

    We are screwed, and I am starting to wonder if we deserve it. Rome, like practically every great empire in history, was destroyed from within. The open border shit looks too much like what happened in Rome to me as well. Humanity is about to go back to a much darker time, and I doubt the people making that happen even care.

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  5. AZ_Jones

    I’ve been a frequent reader of this site for years, but never commented. So why tonight? Because the Cardinals suck, X-Files is another liberal claptrap TV  show, and I’ve had too much coffee and beer.

    I must say that hearing conservatives talk so glowingly of Trump makes me sick. Rush, Coulter, Palin, et al. We don’t need 4-8 more years of an asshole who thinks only of himself with no thought to the country. Obama believes he is a “benevolent monarch” with his abuse of executive power; Trump would only do the same. Personally, I’m hoping for Rubio, but would settle for Cruz.

    It’s always a pleasure reading this blog.

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  6. trade_pro

    I have said in the past that anyone who wants to be President should not be allowed to run for President but obviously that isn’t going to happen. I also think politicians should be held to promises made on the campaign trail.  Again, not gonna happen.

    I totally disagree with Government control which is what the Dems stand for, so they are out.  The Reps have promised to be conservative and have lied through their teeth over at least the last 8 voting cycles.

    So what do we have left.  Trump, who maybe a closet Dem, or Cruz, who has probably showed the most conservative views through his political career but is not perfect in my mind because of his likability and his pro fundie views.  Is the wool being pulled over my eyes with Trump, maybe. Would I support Cruz, yes.

    I agree with both you and Hal that Trump is a narcissus but I would rather have a narcissus that is conservative than a progressive.  I may be naive that Trump is a true conservative.


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  7. richtaylor365 *

    Oh look, Foxnews would not knuckle under to Trump’s petulant demand to remove that big poopie head Megyn Kelly from the debate tomorrow night so he is not going to attend. What a big pussy.

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  8. WVRSpence

    Updated: It does indeed look like The Donald doesn’t like getting hit by a girl.

    If he can’t handle Megyn Kelly, how’s he going to handle Putin or China?

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