Momma Grizzly, Why Are You Still In Iowa?

Trump got 2 endorsements the other day, both meh if you ask me. The Governor of Iowa slammed Ted Cruz because Ted was against Iowans wetting their beak in the form of ethanol subsidies. Then the big one (OK, not so big), Sarah Palin likes Trump “Going Rogue”. Curious endorsement I thought considering Palin, an original Tea Partyer, is at the forefront of conservative principals and whatever you might think of Trump, he is no conservative. From Planned Parenthood, abortion in general, eminent domain, guns, taxes, Trump is outside the conservative circle, looking in.

The last post we had about Palin a few years back (not sure who authored it) I voiced my admiration for Palin, her resilience in face of the adversity, and her character at how she viewed government, the role of government and the role of the citizen to check and limit that government at every turn. I also wished Palin would get out of public life (obviously not my call) make a boat load of cash in speaking gigs and endorsements, and ride into the sunset financially secure. she did not take my advice. She launched her own TV station, pay per view of course. I figured if folks were willing to pay for hearing her views, good on her for cashing in. But the station did not last long. Foxnews dumped her, much speculation as to why. Not going away quietly and thinking her endorsement would hold sway with some, She has now backed Trump.

But Palin’s private life is a bit of a mess. Daughter Bristol just looks at a man and she gets knocked up, despite her abstinence platform. And now her son Track got arrested for smacking his girlfriend around and playing with an AR-15 while snockered.

Today Palin went proactive, describing Track as a PTSD sufferer, yeah, she went there;

Some have accused Palin of blaming Obama for her son’s PTSD, I did not read it that way. This was a Trump rally and of course you have to go after the president, every rally involves going after the president. And even if Obama did respect the military (hahahahahahaha) his opinion has no bearing on the injuries sustained by soldiers in a combat zone, assuming that this diagnosis has any merit (Trac better get his ass to a medical professional immediately).

All this this begs the question, why is Sarah still in Iowa and not on a plane back home to be with her kid? Trump got his endorsement. Some of the more skeptical have opined that the deal maker brokered an endorsement from the Tea Party darling in exchange for a cabinet seat (Interior, Energy, take your pick). Family values and family loyalty is big with us knuckle dragging religion/gun clinging conservatives, I would expect her to be home with her family, not campaigning in Iowa.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Her endorsement doesn’t surprise me. More than conservative principles, Palin has always been devoted to the idea of advancing her brand.

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  2. CM

    So much for the party of ‘personal responsibility’. Only if that ‘person’ is Obama apparently. But then Palin is working the ‘post-argument’ crowd and who would expect anything different.

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  3. Iconoclast

    So much for the party of ‘personal responsibility’. 

    Well, for the record, there is a difference between “Republicans” and “Conservatives”; while the latter do advocate for personal responsibility, the former are just as much about power as the Democrats are.   Republicans haven’t been truly Conservative for quite some time.  The Bush administration oversaw increased spending, increased government, and foreign interventions that are clearly not Conservative in nature.  As I said years ago, Conservatism is pretty much dying (or already dead) in this country.  From my perspective, this country is simply going through a super-slow-motion train wreck on its path to oblivion.  The Democrats are running a certifiable criminal and an admitted socialist, one of which will get the nomination.  The Republicans are fielding a bunch of unremarkable/unelectable moderates and….Donald Trump.

    We’re past the point of no return.  This once great nation is done for. Dark days ahead.


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  4. richtaylor365 *

     The Republicans are fielding a bunch of unremarkable/unelectable moderates and….Donald Trump.

    In bifurcating Trump from the rest, is it that Trump is not unremarkable/unelectable or that he is not a moderate?

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    We’re past the point of no return

    This is why I don’t think it matters who wins the election. I will do my part, my duty of course, but given the massive entrenchment we see with our leaders (both sides) in Washington, and the shear numbers of folks out there that want their free stuff and will vote to perpetuate that dependency, I don’t see anyway out of this mess, short of continuing along until our  currency is worthless, or confiscatory taxation destroys private capital and private property.

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  6. Iconoclast

    In bifurcating Trump from the rest, is it that Trump is not unremarkable/unelectable or that he is not a moderate?

    The former.  By virtue of being loud and uncouth, he’s getting the media attention, and low-information voters may be swayed.  Also, he seems to be teflon.

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