Feeling the Burn


While Clinton remains ahead of Sanders in national polling, a New York Times/CBS poll this week showed her lead shrinking significantly. In the survey, 48 percent of Democratic primary voters supported Clinton compared with 41 percent for Sanders. Just a few months ago, Clinton was often leading Sanders by double digits.

The Washington Post’s analysis shows at this time in 2008, when Clinton was still up against two strong opponents, she was doing much better nationally than she is now. In Iowa, Clinton is doing a bit better than she was in 2008. But in New Hampshire, where Sanders enjoys an almost-home turf advantage from the state’s proximity to Vermont, Clinton is doing much worse than she was during her last bid.

There’s a nice graph showing how fast Clinton’s lead is collapsing compared to 2008.

Do I think the Democrats are going to elect Sanders? No, I really can’t believe that they will. The Democratic Party, for all its pretensions, is controlled by special interests. Sanders is too much of an idealist. In the end, I expect them to go with someone they can rely on to hold down the American public for them.

However, I do love seeing him surging at the polls. Sanders is a flake but he’s better than Clinton on civil liberties and gun control. He was recently criticized for making the very reasonable suggestion that campus sexual violence should be handled by … the police. Even if he were elected, his more crackpot ideas would be easily blocked by a Republican Congress (and probably even a Democratic one — that’s how far Left he is).

But really, I just like this because it will drive the Clintons absolutely bonkers. They’re already starting to lose it, accusing Sanders of sexism and criticizing his healthcare plan for “destroying” Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc. (by, um, replacing them with socialized medicine?) If Clinton actually starts losing primaries again, we could witness a total Clintonite meltdown.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Sanders is one of the last of the old-style liberals-he may be crazy, but he’s not batshit crazy like today’s social justice warriors.

    Were you being ironic when you said that? Because Sanders is beyond bat shit crazy. The guy makes Trump look like a harmless clown.

    The other day Bernie was asked to elaborate on how he was going to pay for the nearly $17 trillion in new entitlements he is promising, and he told the reporter – with a serious face at that – that he didn’t need to do any of that. This guy thinks he is Santa Clause, only what he really will be is Krumpus.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    That and I think that people are realizing that the Clintons are the ultimate “rules are for plebs” couple.  Throughout Clinton’s presidency, he thought he could obstruct justice, grope women, lie under oath, look at people’s FBI files, violate the rules of the bar … and when people criticized them, they rolled their eyes and accused them of being in a vast right wing conspiracy.

    People are remembering just how slimy they are.  And Sanders has played this very wisely, saying, “I don’t care about your e-mails” so he appears above the fray, knowing that the Republicans will keep the e-mails in the spotlight.

    But really, I think it’s just that a lot of people feel the same way I do.  They’re just sick of the Clintons.  They’ve been in our public eye for 24 fucking years.  There are professors in college who have never known a country without the Clintons nagging us about <i>something</i>.  I think a lot of people are just saying, “Fuck it.  Go away.  Bill did a decent eight years.  Isn’t that enough?”

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