Yeah, It Bugs Me, Even When Our Side Does it

Check this out, fair or foul?

I hate using kids as agitprop shills. Sure, I guess you could say that they are promoting America, liberty, and patriotism more that Trump (and as an aside, is it possible to ever be over patriotic?) but I would prefer using Florida Gator cheerleaders with the kids being left at home.

The left is notorious for trotting out their progeny, equipping them with dopey signs (save our schools, save our planet, save my moms cushy union job so that she does not have to work for a living), then parading them around like they have a clue what they are advocating or have any say in being displayed like some 4H entry. When kids go political then they are fair game to be attacked and criticized, they should be kept out of the fray.

Yes, I understand the difference between this and that vomit inducing video a few years back of grade school kids praising Obama like he was some deity. And who could forget the degenerates that made these commercials?

An accommodation needs to be reached, of course the progressives will never agree to civility, but I think we can do better.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Yeah Rich, I agree with you. People that do this sort of shit just baffle me. My only question is if this was something Trump asked for or something the idiots running the rallies did. It goes beyond lame into creepy for me.

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