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Out of the loop, as years go by I find myself more and more ensconced outside the fence, and I’m not even really looking in. I don’t care about current fads, don’t listen to the top 40 (my siruis XM stays on Watercolors, Symphony Hall, or Classic Vinyl), don’t go to the movies that much (last one I took my kid to see Jurassic World in Imax 3D, 18 bucks, are you kidding me?) and I don’t need Vanity Fair to tell me what wines to drink or books to read. So I am a bit nonplussed at all the Star Wars Hysteria going on;

I’m with Katherine on this one. Yeah, I remember the first 3, saw them in the theaters, but life goes on. This new generation have no such nostalgia pulls to the series, yet, when the MSM tells them that they should be excited, they follow in lock step.

I will probably rent it when it comes out at Redbox so I am marginally interested.

2 questions for the group, have you ever gone to midnight showings or stood in line for ungodly hours waiting to see any movies, like ever, and does anyone here actually have wood over this movie and feel they must see it today?

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  1. Hal_10000

    When I was younger, I went to midnight showings of the Lord of the Rings movies. I’m going to see Star Wars today, mostly because my 8 y/o is gagging to see it.

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  2. Nexus

    No and No.

    Like you, I saw the original 3 in the theaters. I have fond memories of my father taking me to the theater back in ’77 to see the first movie. I thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen(I was 10, what did I know..). I’d like to see the new one but I’m plenty content to wait a few weeks for the hysteria to die down.

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  3. ilovecress

    Count me along the Star Wars nerds. i didn’t go to a midnight showing buy I did see it first day. And it is very good. Abrams knows how to play this tune…

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  4. JimK

    I fucking loved it. And I got…not teary, exactly, but a little verklempt watching the credits. I just kept thinking “Lee would have moved home to work on this and his name would be here and we’d be flipping the fuck out at how good it is.”

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  5. JimK

    Lol. Hey man, I am unapologetic in my Star Wars love. Been hooked since 1977. Star Wars has shaped so much of my being. I recently figured out that I’m attracted to the types of women I am because of Princess Leia. My libertarian leanings are, in part, shaped by my belief from childhood that neither side had it right, and that all dark side is stupid as is all light. People should be left alone to choose their own levels of light and dark, as long as they don’t inflict crap on others. When I grew up and learned about libertarian philosophy I was like “Woah, that’s what I already think.”

    I love space and robots and computers because of it.

    I could go on, but SW was a huge part of my formative years and I love the shit to death. Total nerd up in this bitch. :)

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  6. Biggie G

    I saw it this week.  It was pretty good.  I think I took the wrong message away from it though.  A few things.  I could have done without the droid reaction shots.  It was strikingly similar to Ep. 4.  I haven’t really heard anyone point that out.  Considering JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movies are parodies of the old movies, I should have expected this.

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