Another Trump Rant

I mentioned the other day in a comment that The Donald is NOT leading in the latest Iowa poll, Ted Cruz is. Nothing real incendiary here though, can’t remember the last time the Iowa winner actually got the nomination, but still, Trump’s usual retort when confronted with something idiotic is ,”Well, the people love me and agree with me, look at all the polls”. And given this latest turn, how vicious do you think Trump will be towards Cruz in tomorrow’s debate?

There is a lot to like about Trump; he does not need their Judas money, he does not suffer fools easily, he understands the two most important issues (the economy and the dangers of Radical Islam), he drives liberals rabid, and his loyalties are not suspect. Do I wish he would be more circumspect, act more presidential, and understand the value and on unexpressed thought? Of course. And do I give two shits about what the MSM, the liberal elites and the GOPees think of Trump? You know the answer to that.

But this post is about his latest push;

According to The Hill, Trump said, “One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order, if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that would go out to the country, out to the world, anybody killing a police man, a police woman, a police officer, anybody killing a police officer, the death penalty is going to happen.”

I think everyone here knows where I stand on the rule of law, the need for law and order in any civilized society, and the stellar thankless work our men and women in blue do day in and day out. But this misses the mark on a number of levels, namely;

1) Since when is a police officers life worth more than another life? Isn’t that the main rub against hate crimes, that one class of people or person, their skin, is worth more and is more valuable than another’s? Yes, it is a dangerous job, but they know it going in and are trained to deal with these dangerous situations, and I might add handsomely compensated. But when a bank robber is pulled over and a gunfight ensues with the result being a dead cop, that crime is no more egregious or malevolent then back at the bank when he shot and killed a bank teller.

2) Considering that many states do not have the death penalty, voted on by the people of those states, a sweeping executive order nullifying that vote and throwing the 9th and 10 Amendments in the trash can is not really in the best interest of the people.

3) When are these guys going to learn the differences between the Executive and the Legislative branches of our federal government, which branch makes the laws and which one is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws? Given the reckless shotgun approach the current guy took, how about a moratorium on executive orders for a while.

Yeah, it foments the base, but;

Rarely can you tell whether a new Trump policy idea was gamed out beforehand or just something he came up with on the fly while in front of a mic, and this is no exception.

And this idea will be placed on the same shelf with his other goofy ideas; Build a fence and have Mexico pay for it, start a trade war with China, deport 11 million illegals already living here, and baring ALL Muslims from coming to America.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Trump’s appeal is real simple: he is bucking the idiotic PC safe-space created by the idiotic left, and not apologizing for calling their shit as it is. He may be saying a lot of stupid stuff to some people, but the fact remains that he is the only one ignoring the fact that the left is desperately trying to control the discourse because it wants to make itself arbiter of what is good and what is not – and despite their claims this is so they can do good, it is basically simply so they can control outcomes in their favor regardless of how shitty and vile what they are pushing is – so it can set the agenda. I myself am rooting hard for Trump to keep doing more of the same simply because I love watching him gore the left’s booga-boos and then flaunting the fact that their claim “this is the time he went too far” falls flat yet again. Fuck the assholes in the media and on the left. For that matter fuck the pussified republican political establishment too. And you have to love how when the left chooses to attack Trump, they make the very case that without the left and Obama basically creating the problems in the first place, Trump wouldn’t have a podium to talk from (

    Trump’s problem for me is that he might be doing this all to really help Hillary, or more worrisome, because he simply doesn’t care, but the political class ignores the fact that there are so many Americans willing to pick what passes for a used car salesman over them (they are snake oil salesmen themselves), at their own peril. It’s time for us to hold the credentialed elite scumbags – in both parties – that have been pushing collectivism to show how much they care only to then use that system to enrich themselves the fucking door.

    And frankly, while I think Trump would make a horrible president, I doubt he could be as bad as Obama has and continues to be, or as horrible as Hillary promises to be. I pointed out before Obama’s election that he would make Boosh look like a fucking genius, and he has delivered in spades (pun intended). Anyone arguing otherwise has had their heads up their asses for the last 7 years.

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  2. WVRSpence

    Oh yeah, DAs would love being told what charges to bring by the Executive Branch.

    This is mostly about his ego. Somewhere along the line his campaign suddenly looked serious, and now he’s playing to the crowd. Entertaining? Maybe, but it also most likely brings us closer to President Hillary, especially if Cruz starts adopting his style (and Cruz is another guy who is not afraid to say what he thinks, but is better at doing it.)

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  3. JimK

    I’ve always rationalized capital crimes laws as follows: Everyone knows that the police are the front line of societal authority. Done properly, policing is nothing more than lawful enforcement of the currently-agreed-upon rules of a given society. Now add the fact that everyone knows cops are armed. So there’s the threat of armed retaliation if you act aggressively to a cop.

    If someone is willing to kill a police officer, given the two factors I mentioned, then they won’t give one tiny rat’s ass hair about your life. They have already proven they have no regard for you, your life, society’s rules or even their own safety. They have no intention of complying with the law, and no amount of enforcement will change that.

    In short, they have marked themselves as a write-off.

    I have a long list of issues with the death penalty, but the idea of a crime becoming a capital crime due to killing cops? Not one of them.

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  4. louctiel

    I’ll agree to capital punishment for people who kill cops as soon as every “Law Officers’ Bill of Rights” is repealed and off the books.

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  5. repmom

    I understand busy lives, but I so miss the days when many would be logged in to this blog tonight, discussing the debate as it takes place.

    I thought the night would be Trump vs Cruz, but so far, it’s more Cruz vs Rubio.

    Lively debate, for sure.

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  6. Rick Macherat

    He has to be concerned about the fact that nothing he does or says seems to diminish his appeal to the growing mass of the utterly disillusioned. They could very well elect this joker, the last thing he or any sane American wants!

    Rick, Member #1

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  7. Nobody

    Trump is a Dem dream, not a nightmare. The longer he stays in this, the more long term damage to the GOP is done.

    People were saying the same shit about Reagan 35 years ago.

    The GOP is already damaged.  Seriously damaged.  That’s why none of the GOP candidates are registering with the voters.  That’s why Trump keeps leading in the polls, no matter how many “gaffes” he commits.  As Ann Coulter explains it. Trump is the only candidate who talks about what Americans care about.  You can write that off any way you want, but if the GOP had an ounce of integrity, Trump would have never happened.

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  8. louctiel

    Actually, while your comment about the GOP is true, the same can be said about Trump.  If Trump had an ounce of integrity, he would not have run.


    But if Trump is running on “what Americans care about,” don’t Americans care about free speech?


    Trumps lawyers have been running around threatening to sue people who disagree with him.  The latest response to Trump’s threats can be found here:


    The letter is in response to this:


    People on the right yelled and screamed when Obama instituted policies that were designed to limit or seriously squelch speech that was critical of him or his policies.  There is no difference between Obama and Trump in regards to free speech.  Both men hate it.


    Finally, Reagan was accused of being a Democrat.  Like Trump, Reagan had once been a Democrat.  Reagan actually said why he left the Democrats.  Trump never has and instead has seem to say that he is proud of supporting liberals in order to get what he wanted at the time.


    Reagan walked away from the Democrats and acted like a conservative.  Trump says he is a Republican, but embraces and acts like a Democrat.

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  9. Nobody

    But if Trump is running on “what Americans care about,” don’t Americans care about free speech?

    Your comments about Trump may very well be true, but what I wrote was that Trump talks about what Americans care about, things like fighting terrorists, fighting ISIS, sealing our borders, and so on.  I don’t recall Trump actually talking about free speech.  I’m not saying he hasn’t talked about it, only that he seems to talk about those other things more.  Maybe people really don’t care too much about the First Amendment when it’s their guy who’s in control, and yes, that is a real issue.  But my point is that Trump talks about actually fighting terrorists instead of pretending they don’t exist, like Obama does.

    And I’m not saying Trump is right, or that he would be a good President.  I’m only trying to explain why he’s a phenomenon at all, and that is due to the GOP telling us what we want to hear to get elected during mid-term elections and then rolling over and sucking Obama’s cock after they’re elected.  And then presenting someone like Jeb as a 2016 candidate.

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  10. louctiel

    The problem is that Trump has spoken about it.  His lawyers act on his behalf.  His comments about donating to left leaning candidates in order to get what he wanted is a form of speech.


    I agree that Trump is a phenomenon because he talks a tough, anti-GOP and anti-Obama talk, but he is no different than Obama and the GOP.

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  11. CM

    Maybe people really don’t care too much about the First Amendment when it’s their guy who’s in control, and yes, that is a real issue.

    That applies to a whole lot of stuff. Many on the far left complained about a lot of stuff under Bush, but are quiet under Obama. Many on the far right are complaining every single time they see or hear Obama on anything, but all of a sudden that doesn’t matter when it comes to a GOP candidate.

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