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  1. repmom

    An emotional rant? Wow, Rich. if that’s the best you can do in a “rant” of any sort, I am totally disappointed.

    Obama is a dope.

    Anyone impressed with his speech last night? I’ve been checking in to see if Hal or anyone posted on it. Perhaps he, and ofthers here, feel it’s a waste of time, just like watching it last night was a waste of my time, though I was impressed with Marco Rubio’s rebuttal afterward on Fox News. The man impresses me.

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  2. AlexInCT

    We are being played. While everyone focuses on this particular instance of these scumbags gun grabbing, real criminal & bad shit is being swept under the carpet by a complicit media that feels obligated to protect democrats.

    This country is falling apart because of the problems of the lat 2 decades, but most importantly, the massive incompetence of the last 7 years, and we are focused on minutia that allow the perpetrators to avoid being exposed.

    Obama’s speech was nothing but obfuscation. A late comer pretending he can fix things that he broke in the first place.

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