What An Effing Mess

Bring up Syria, anywhere, and some predictable responses take place. If its a millennial, Syria is either that commune outside of Newfoundland, or a heavy metal band from Oslo, then a quick subject change as to why they are not going to pay back their student loans, so there. Some on the right want the B-1’s called in, while some on the left want open borders, a flower in one hand and a welfare check in the other. But most all folks will admit one thing, it’s complicated.

I found a short video over on Vox that sums up the whole mess quite nicely;

As if things were not bad enough, Turkey downs a Russian jet who it accuses of violating it’s sovereign air space (I thought borders and border enforcement was passe). Then the Syrian rebels down a rescue Russian helicopter with an American made TOW missile.

As much as I despise the bleeding heart leftest, those unwilling to even label Radical Islam as such, thinking either a big hug is what unhappy Muslims need, or attacking the real root cause-global warming, those bomb happy send in the Marines from the right are also annoying.

Although not be design, the chicken hearted world citizen of a president we have and his penchant for inaction down to a fine science is probably just what was needed in an area of the world where no one has the moral high ground. No, not the part about total retreat out of Iraq against the advise of ALL of his military advisers, or the phony bologna red line over chemical weapons, or even his watered down bombing campaign , but if the ME has taught us anything over the years, it is that rushing in before the dust settles in never a good idea.

Sunnis vs. Shia, Muslims vs. everyone else, then throwing in oil money to put the conflict on a world stage, not to mention a major player just getting permission to expand and export it’s nuclear technology, holy smokes, what a mess.

Maybe because I see no really good solutions I have little patience for those that project supreme confidence in solving the problem over night. Where before I had Pat Buchanan whispering in my ear ,”It’s their problem, stay away and don’t get sucked in”, now we have some major players involved and taking sides. So much for American leadership in the world projecting an image of justice for other nations too small to stand up for themselves.

Here is where I stand now. I am tired of reading stories about $50 million dollars spent to train 5 freedom fighters. I am tired of Russia telling us to stand down because they want to bomb some of our allies that particular day. I am tired of my president being so detached that 6 hours before the Paris attack he was patting himself on the back with statements of ISIS is contained. If somehow a coalition of the willing can be brought together (maybe the next president, this guy couldn’t organize a two-car parade) where many nations are 1) supplying troops and 2) fitting the bill, I am certainly interested. Holland, a side from being a socialist, seems like a stand up guy with stones enough to get it going. We know Obama will never lead, but maybe he can be persuaded to follow with others.

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  1. WVRSpence

    Well, if World War III starts this week at least you won’t have to have dinner with your in-laws.

    Meanwhile, guys like Marco Rubio seem perfectly fine with risking the apocalypse by siding with a so-so ally. Yeah, they’re a NATO member. But why?

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  2. Section8

    “Here is where I stand now. I am tired of reading stories about $50 million dollars spent to train 5 freedom fighters.”

    Not to mention that for all that training a lot of that equipment was still turned over to al qaeda groups. Notice Obama and Co bitch about Russia not going after ISIS, but they also fail to point out that some of the rebels are al qaeda affiliated which Russia has been bombing, as though only ISIS is the problem now. Fact is, as you point out, this is too much of a mess. Who is on our side today, probably won’t be tomorrow. Not worth arming any of these folks in my opinion. Even if we do, and by some magic force the group we want gains control, how long does that last? How can a government be formed with any freedoms that will be exploited by the various groups and then quickly revert back to chaos? The only way to get a free society there would be to initiate it by not having a free society until order is restored and the area stabilized, which then will get cries of “this isn’t democracy”. Those cries would technically be correct, but hoping everyone will behave in that region while setting up an organized structure is doomed fantasy. As for this mess with Turkey, we’re under NATO obligation to assist a nation which in 2014 gave us favorability ratings on par with Russia. We’re supposed to stick our neck out for these assholes? No thanks. Time to rethink NATO and adjust our alliances for the modern age.

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  3. CM

    How do you stay in Iraq when Iraq won’t allow you to stay? Still haven’t seen any sort of answer to that fundamental problem. Climate change denial doesn’t help you there.

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