You got the title wrong..

Over at the Washington Free Beacon they have an article titled “Wealth of Congressional Democrats Spikes Despite Income Inequality Agenda” that gave me a good laugh. They got the title wrong. The democrats in congress have not been able to increase their wealth despite their inequality agenda, but have done so percisely because of that agenda. Collectivism, especially this new soft facism – a marriage between the state and certain large entities in the corporate world that pay it homage and good money – that the left lives by, exists to enrich the political class that banks on the envy and greed of those amongst the masses that feel it is unfair others make or have more than they do just because these others worked hard or inherited money from others that worked hard.

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  1. richtaylor365

    Greed, dishonesty and lack of character is not just a problem on the left, see Dennis Hastert, but it does seem  at times that only one side is outraged by it.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Rich, my post was not about greed and/or lack of character, per se, but about the special group of people that are getting rich pretending to fight the good fight in the name of those they claim have been robbed by the greedy and lacking in character. It take some gall to militantly pretend you want to help those that are less well off, while getting richer, because what you really are doing is using the power of government to funnel money into your own pockets due to an incestous relationship you have with the very people you are claiming are the greedy robber barons.

    Obama and these morons have become millionaires from the donations the very one percenters they attack for their wealth, to appeal to the envious, give them. Shit, I just read that the Clintons have amassed fucking 3 billion dollars this way. I guarantee you that money didn’t come from Joe Blow the McDs employee feeling aggrieved with his minimum wage job. I don’t envy any person working hard to make money. Shit, I am even ambivalent towards those that marry well or inherit it. But I despise those that pretend they have a right to other people’s money for any reason other than they have earned it in a mutually beneficial transaction.

    Come to think of it, maybe I am being too harsh on democrats. After all, they just have an agreement with the super-rich and mega-corps. An Agreement which has them use the power of law-making to create monopolies that benefit themselves and these people. And they do if for serious payola as the Clinton show us. That people like me get fucked over in the process, while a ton of lazy ass jealous fuckers gets peanuts in return for their votes, is just incidental.

    I was looking at it all wrong… My bad.

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