Add some flavor to your holidays

Hey all. So, I haven’t asked for money for the server in forever, but I could definitely use a little financial help these days. Not with a donation or anything. I’m perfectly willing to sell you something in exchange for your money. :)

My new business venture is Doctor Stark’s Elixirs. I make small batch, and as much as the word gets mocked, it applies, “artisanal” cocktail syrups in flavors that you won’t find elsewhere. You can check them out at my site: or the Etsy shop or at Square Market.

No bullshit, I’m like some sort of savant with this stuff. These things are incredible, and if you like to mix cocktails, you need them. If you want to serve the best frigging holiday cocktail ever, you definitely need the Apple Cider Pie. If you like sweet & spicy and you dig mezcal, you need Diablo. Hot Ginger is good with literally every kind of primary spirit I’ve tried. Marrakesh is amazing with gin, and also on waffles or ice cream.

Every bottle has a signature recipe on the side, and I make tons of variations. Hit me up if you need ideas. And buy a bottle or 5. They would also make pretty unique gifts for the holidays!

APPLE PIE PRODUCT SHOT Nov2015 2000 DIABLO-new-product-shot-August-2015-001 HOTGING new product shot aug 2015 2000 MARRA new product shot aug 2015 square 2000

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  1. JimK *

    Section, boxed and shipping literally tonight. Tracking should go live tomorrow.

    Alex: the apple cider pie? my signature drink for that flavor uses Jim Beam Apple. It’s a low-end whiskey but incredible in a mixed drink!

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  2. Section8

    That’s quick. Thanks, Jim. Yeah, you don’t need top shelf for this stuff. My buddy makes some apple pie using Everclear of all things, and it tastes great. Anyhow, looking forward to making some drinks with these.

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  3. JimK *

    Here’s something to try with the ginger. Ardbeg 10 year (fairly cheap for an Islay single malt) some aromatic bitters, a dash or 3 of orange bitters. Shake and top with a good quality ginger beer.

    Also the exact same thing with Benchmark bourbon (the best cheap bourbon ever) if the peaty smokey thing isn’t your bag.

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  4. ilovecress

    Jim – what’s the deal with international shipping? Looks like a good present for my parents (who live on Islay by the way, about 20 miles from Ardbeg, just next to Bruichladdich…)

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  5. Section8

    Ok I’ll give that recipe a shot. I just bought some bitters few days ago. Those things are kind of pricey, and I’ve never made anything with them before but a lot of drinks seem to use them. Looks like you don’t use much of it at a time though. Also, got the confirm that it has been shipped. I hope when you become a mega corp, you’ll at least let me be near the front of the line for shipping :)

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  6. JimK *

    cress, I don’t know what the rules are? I’m leery of officially offering a food product for sale into the EU. BUT.

    I mean. We can totally figure out how to ship a box to you. Maybe marked as “craft supplies” or something?


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  7. JimK *

    OK, so for you New Zealanders, I just found this site, and basically unless you order an absolute ton of my stuff, personal amounts for personal use should be OK. No extra paperwork or Biosecurity requirements as far as I can tell. My stuff doesn’t fall into any of the restricted categories.

    If you go to my Estsy shop, I set it to have international shipping options.

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  8. JimK *

    Balthazar, minor delay on your order…I ran out of apple! I just finished the main part of the cooking, by tonight the batch will be done and I can bottle & ship tomorrow

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