Vive La France

Word tonight is that terrorists have struck France in a series of attacks, including a bomb at a football match, multiple shootings and a hostage situation. As of this moment, the French are fighting back. Preliminary news is that this is tied to ISIS.

This is why you stand with Charlie Hebdo. This is why you stand against ISIS. Because these monsters know no mercy and no decency. They will attack and they will kill. Right now, their violence is focused on the Middle East. But as the bombing of the Russian airliner and these attacks show, they will expand the fight until we are all in the crosshairs.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Don’t be surprised when we see a lot more of this. The perps have figured out that the west is weak, and full of bluff and bluster, but short on action, and like sharks smelling blood in the water, they are coming in for the kill.

    This could have all been prevented if we had been less worried about being PC and more interested in making sure the enemy – and yes, they are the enemy whether we take their declaration of war on us seriously or otherwise – knew we would crush them mercilessly.

    The people that say this stuff is our own fault are right about that, but wrong about the motive or reason we are getting attacked. Yes, we brought this upon us, but not because of any of the reasons usually bandied. This is happening because we have lost our compass and moral values. Loving your country and culture have become taboo because of the multicultural Marxist’s one world agenda, so in that vacuum those with a purpose, as bent and evil as their Jihad to convert or kill all non-believers is, are taking advantage of that chaos.

    We actually start fighting back, for real, or we lose.

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  2. ilovecress

    I agree with you and disagree with you Alex (what a Surprise)

    I think we are fighting back. The fight is between progress and regress – and the western world is progressing. And it’s driving them f*cking crazy. While they argue about the best weight of stone to throw at an adulterous woman, our arguments are about where Caitlyn Jenner should be allowed to take a dump. They targeted the city of ‘prostitution and vice’ – you think the Parisians are going to give that up? The Republican debate was by my standards, pretty conservative. But there was a black man leading over a white immigrant ahead woman CEO and a latino. We argue about repealing Obamacare – they’re talking about repealing Bacon.

     Yes there is a military fight to have here. But the bigger one is the fight between an idea, and ideas. People who blow themselves up aren’t scared of the fight. They’re scared of progress, because it means that they’re wrong.

     After 7/7, I left my office, literally stepping over bits of broken bus and body parts. The tubes were obviously halted, so we all had to walk home. And we all went for a pint. Why? Because f*ck them, that’s why. We all got up the next day and went back to work. Because f*ck them and their 12th century bullsh*t.  We drive them f*cking crazy with our refusal to regress to the dark ages. The moral compass isn’t broken. We’ve not lost our values – they’re just different, and they hate that. Loving your country isn’t Taboo (one of the bombs went off after 60,000 people sang the national anthem in the Stade de France, and it’s remembrance day in Europe) it’s just not absolute. Nuance scares them and they lash out.

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  3. Section8

    “They targeted the city of ‘prostitution and vice’ – you think the Parisians are going to give that up?”

    Right away? No. Eventually? Absolutely. It’s not just ISIS, it’s the political movement that comes with flooding a nation with people that don’t care about your values, and will alter the demographics to the point where you don’t have a choice to keep or give up anything because you’re out numbered. That starts over time with cries of “it’s offensive”, “it hurts feelings”, “it’s racist”, and the West will capitulate even with a majority. Lather, rinse repeat until they guilt themselves into not having an identifiable culture anymore much less losing majority power to do anything about it. We’re seeing the early stages of that happen here, so there’s no reason that won’t happen in France with an immigrant population of an even more polarized set of values.

    As far as your point that they hate our values, really? I think Bush was way ahead of you in pointing that out and got the big poo poo stink eye from the left. Of course they don’t like our values. That’s been the entire point from the beginning. The non-violent Muslims also for the most part don’t care about these values either. It’s not their culture so why should they care, and that’s their choice, but they should migrate to counties that share their values. You won’t find them out in mass denouncing this attack, or posting twitter posts like “I’ll rock with you” or any of that other stuff. There won’t be any mass “I stand with you” because for the most part they don’t. In fact, give it a week and France will be the one apologizing for being upset (and intolerant) in the first place. It’s not because it’s France, it’s because it’s a fricken insane pattern that seems to be occurring in any Western nation these days. To do otherwise is “far-right extremism”.

    This ridiculous idea that somehow you’re going to win over people and get them to assimilate into a culture where they don’t care about your values and actually detest them is like smoking and thinking that somehow the smoke, tar, and toxins will magically turn into super awesome oxygen once the smoke realizes how super and awesome your lungs are. What will happen and is happening is they isolate themselves to stay in groups of like-minded people, avoid the western society of their host country, and then act up and the response is where did the host country fail in helping these people out.  What can we give up of ourselves to make them feel more at home?  It should be the other way around. If you move somewhere, it should be because you want to embrace the culture of where you’re going. Instead we’ve been operating exactly the opposite, and it’s proven to be a mess over and over, solving nothing, and doing nothing to reduce animosity, and in fact just increases it on all sides.

    Common sense immigration policies need to prevail. Common sense retaliation responses to the violent threats need to prevail. No offense, but walking past your blown up countryman’s body parts and then having a beer hoping it will all go away “because we’re better”, isn’t going to take care of the problem.

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  4. AlexInCT


    To be honest with you, I think the west has already lost this war. We could end it all today without risking the planet, but the idiots that think they can make a change through dialogue or looking for common ground to make the other side meet us halfway, don’t get that there is no compromise. You can’t meet someone that wants you destroyed or subjugated half way. What? They only kill half of us and enslave the other half? Fuck that stupidity. No, what we will get is weak scumbags that will continuously talk though but do nothing until we end up with our backs against the wall and with the choice of surrendering or destroying it all.

    Neither choice appeals to me, but I am afraid the scumbag political class would sell us all into slavery just to be the last people eaten by the jackals.

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  5. ilovecress

    No offense, but walking past your blown up countryman’s body parts and then having a beer hoping it will all go away “because we’re better”, isn’t going to take care of the problem.

    Just to be clear – I’m not arguing that it’s going to go away. I’m saying that it won’t. No matter what you do.

    We could end it all today without risking the planet, 

    Are you talking nukes here?

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  6. AlexInCT

    Are you talking nukes here?

    Actually I am talking conventional action before the Islamic world that now not only has been given permission, but has been encouraged to go nuclear, while our elites that have allowed this to happen tell us we should dismiss it when the warmongers tell us they want us all dead, goes nuclear on us, likely forcing us to retaliate in kind, and ends in the surface of the planet getting slagged.

    The British empire dealt with Islam by the only means it understood back in the day. We have forgotten, or choose to pretend things have changed with these barbarians, that only force holds sway in that part of the world. And we will pay for that. Shit, these fucking people throw their own children under a bus just to kill some infidels and/or Jews. You don’t bargain with these scumbags.

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