We Are Still Pikers

Life would be so much easier if I could just check my brain at the door and become a progressive (for that matter life would be easier if I was gay, but that is grist for another mill). I live in the land of the heathen, the SF Bay Area, where Sanctuary is given to illegal alien criminals, where Hillary is breaking all kinds of donation records, where freedom of speech and expression is shunned-especially on college campuses, and where a conservative is rarer then a Bill Clinton female acquaintance who does not have rug burns on her back. The folks, the news media and the local academicians all walk in lock step of each other, eyes glossed over like the alien children in Village Of The Damned. To blend in I could just make that awful hissing sound like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (OK, too many scary movie references, it was just Halloween) but I can’t do it. No cowards way out for me, and pointing out the obvious, even on a venue like MSNBC, should never be discouraged or avoided;

Morning Joe, probably the only show on MSNBC worth watching, is on too early for me, but I have always liked Joe Scarborough. Funny, but the right wing blogosphere routinely castigates Joe and his show, I guess because he does not walk lock step with their particular brand of conservatism. I would DVR it, but who has 3 extra hours in the day? I can only assume that Mika slept with Scarborough early on and is willing to spill if she is ever canned, now that’s job security.

But the bias in the MSM is a huge problem. Gone are the days when news was reported objectively, now it is filtered and dressed in commentary. So when the RNC told NBC to go f#ck themselves, I was nonplussed. It matters not a twit that the liberal media doesn’t like it, labels GOPers as whiners, and paints them as thin skinned prima donnas, they were never going to have anything nice to say anyway. When a candidate is ultimately chosen from each side, only then do we need to go on hostile networks. But right now these debates are to determine who will represent the GOP and is aimed at GOP voters, why in hell should dopey commentators (or networks) who never voted Republican in their lives, why should they got to ask these candidates anything? There are no Democratic debates scheduled to appear on Fox, what do they understand that we don’t?

Clearly, poking and prodding, lumbering through hoping not to run into any walls is still the order of the day with the GOP. The Democrats are still better at this than we are. In between their groping sessions, you never see Clinton or Sanders attack each other. They do class warfare better, they do racial animus better, they offer free stuff much better. Your college tuition? Let the rich pay for it. Open borders? Only those nasty Republicans stand in your way, vote for us and the champagne (and welfare for all) will flow.

What chance do we really have?

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  1. CM

    I don’t think they’re a waste of time at all – they’re endlessly entertaining and fascinating. Who doesn’t want to watch a gigantic car crash in slow motion?

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